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Adorable $5 Burlap Halloween Wreath

Adorable $5 Burlap Halloween Wreath
Last week I shared my $5 Burlap Halloween Wreath with you all and I decided I’d share the Halloween version for those that missed it in 2010!
Burlap is SUPER cheap! I got 2 yards of black burlap at Joann’s for around $4 using a coupon.  They had 50% off any reg-priced item this week! YAHOO!
Got the spool of Orange and Black Zebra ribbon at Wal-Mart for $1. LOOOVE this ribbon btw!
Here’s how I made the Burlap Halloween Wreath:
1. I unwound the hook of the hanger so it was one long wire.
2. I formed it into a circle shape.
3. Cut my burlap into 3″ strips. I used about 1 3/4 yards of burlap.
4. I folded the strips back and forth as I threaded it through the wire.
5. Once I had a full-looking wreath, I spaced out the fabric and secured it in random places, using hot glue, to the wire hanger so it didn’t slide around.
6. Finally, I rewound the wire to close the hanger. I ended up keeping the hook part of the hanger so I could hang the wreath from it on my door.
7. Made a quick bow and glued it on! Voila! DONE!
It seems like a lot of steps but the most time consuming part as cutting the strips.  Its really is worth doing it though! It looks super cute on my front door and everyone has been loving the festive wreath!
Like it? What do you guys think? I have already started putting up my Halloween Decorations and I am so in love with this time of year!!  Do you have your Halloween Decor up yet? Leave us a link and show us what you’ve been up
to so we can see all of your fun decorations and costume ideas!!
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