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Last Day of School Free Printables

Last Day of School Free Printables

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**UPDATE** All downloads should be working properly now! Thanks for your patience!!!

Hey guys! Due to popular demand, I’ve got this years Last Day of School Free Printables for you! I know a few places have already finished school, lucky ducks but several places still have a few days, weeks or even over a month left!

First, download your appropriate grade(s) or if you have a few kiddos and want to capture one good picture, download the Last Day of School printable. This has the year but no grade or school level so it’s perfect for a shot of all of your kids, neighbor kids, bus stop or even the whole class!

Click on the link below of the one you want to download and save it to your desktop. Open the image (I use Preview) and click Print.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.54.00 PM

Next, print your image on smooth cardstock if possible. Last year, I mounted it on red construction paper to jazz it up a bit. Tip: I used the “Print Entire Image” preset and this worked great. Just trim the white edges when it’s done printing. Wait a minute or so before grabbing it off of the printer because it uses a fair amount of ink, so let it dry for a sec.

Download yours here:

Last Day of School

Last Day of Preschool

Last Day of Pre-K

Last Day of Kindergarten

Last Day of 1st Grade

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Last Day of 3rd Grade

Last Day of 4th Grade

Last Day of 5th Grade

Last Day of 6th Grade

Last Day of 7th Grade

Last Day of 8th Grade

Last Day of 9th Grade

Last Day of 10th Grade

Last Day of 11th Grade

Last Day of 12th Grade

Last Day of Middle School

Last Day of Junior High

Last Day of High School

Here’s a photo of my little guy from last year!


Heads up, a have had a bazillion requests for a customized printable for individual schools, teachers, programs etc. I am unable to accommodate everyone so I’m going to have to say “No, so sorry!” to those requests this year. These printables take a great amount of time for me to create and upload so I wish I could but I really can’t make custom ones this year. Sorry friends! I hope the “Last Day of School” one works for everyone since that’s new this year!

Last Day of School 2015 collage

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  1. What a fabulous printable, thankyou s much. My little girl is about to leave nursery and starts school next year, so it would be a great picture to get of her and her friends… xxx

  2. Thanks for making these, love them! The links for the different grades are not working for me when I click on them. Is anyone else having an issue?

  3. LOVE THESE!!! I’ve been using them with both of my kids each year and have been watching your site for updated ones! However, for some reason I can’t open or even view these updated files in any format (I’ve tried various browsers and platforms, including an iPad, android phone, and desktop computer!). It says the file contains errors and can’t be viewed or that the file is corrupted. I tried several different files (for different grade levels) and they all say that! Any tips? I haven’t ever had issues in the past with downloading these. Thanks so much!!

  4. great printable! I wanted to let you know that the last day of preschool image gives an error when downloading.

  5. I can’t get these to download. Only the Last Day of School will download. I can’t get the First and Third Grade.

  6. I LOVE these and used them for the first day of school. Both of my kids have their last day of school tomorrow (Pre-K and 1st Grade) and I was hoping to download and print out the grade specific ones. Any chance you’ll be able to fix the download problem soon :)? Thanks so much for providing these for our special memories!

  7. Any way to get one to say “last day of TK”? Our district doesn’t do pre-k, instead we have a 2 year Kinder program called TK. Thanks in advance!

  8. Will you be making a last day of school 2015-2016? I love these and want to continue using them for my son’s last day of school. Thanks so much!

  9. Do you have the first day of 3rd grade for 2016-2017 year? Do you make them yearly? Or do you have a file for First day and last day school for years to come? I love these and have used them since Kindergarten!! I want to have them until her senior year. Thank you so much!!

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