10 Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

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As you may know, I am expecting my 4th baby boy in September. (Most likely August; my babes always come early.) Yep, 4 boys, all 5 years old and younger. We are super super excited and I’m in full-on nesting/project/crazy mode. I am redoing the boys’ room. All 4 of them will be sharing the upstairs bedroom (which is a huge room) so I’ve been looking for fun, inspiring bedroom decor ideas. I thought I’d share some cute Baby Boy Nursery Ideas with you today.  The boys’ room is coming along great and I can’t to show it to you. I”m already loving it and we still have a long way to go til it’s done. Let’s just hope I finish before baby P decides to come!

Rustic Vintage Nursery

Aqua and Orange Nursery

Rustic Eclectic Nursery

Blue and Grey Nursery

Ideas for a Black and White Nursery

Contemporary Nursery

Colorful Circus Nursery

Adventure Nursery

Vintage Modern Nursery

Vintage Airplane Nursery

If you’re little guy has outgrown a nursery, be sure to check out my Boy’s Room Ideas!

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  1. Hi, I LOVE that giraffe print that was used for Henry’s Adventure Nursery. What book did you get the print from? How did you blow it up so much while maintaining the quality of the image? I would greatly appreciate any info. Thanks!

  2. I’m in love with the corner shelf and book ledges in the aqua and blue nursery but I can’t seem to find them on the IKEA website. Do you have the direct links you could email me? I’m in love with your blog has a ton of amazing ideas

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