DIY Painted Cork board and Kid’s Art Station

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DIY Kids Art Station 2

My kids have been on a coloring, drawing, painting, crafting spree. They have crayons, markers, paints, and paper strewn everywhere! They are the cutest little artists but I needed somewhere they could sit and work without it being a complete mess all over my house.

Once they’re done working, they want to hang it up and well, quite frankly, the fridge is full dudes! They each give me 2-3 papers a day that they want hung up. I decided a cork board would be easiest and I could customize it a bit to make it match their playroom. I got these really light weight cork foam boards and decided to dress them up a bit with FrogTape’s Shape Tape.  I tried the “Wave” Shape Tape and it totally matches the curtains that hang in their playroom! So fun!

DIY Cork Board with Shape Tape


1. I gathered all of my supplies and got to work.

2. I got applied the FrogTape Shape Tape where I wanted and rubbed my fingers across it, pressing firmly to make sure it was stuck on really well. I was a little concerned about bleeding since I was painting cork but with it’s PaintBlock® technology, this wasn’t an issue at all. I love that FrogTape® never gives me any issues with bleeding.

3. Using a sponge crafting paint brush, I dabbed on a little green acrylic craft paint a time using an up and down (dabbing) motion instead of dragging the brush in strokes. This also helped to make sure I didn’t have bleeding issues.

4. I did two colors so I repeated Step 3 with some blue “Oops” paint I had on hand.

DIY Cork Board 4

I hung them up using some mounting tape because they’re so lightweight. I love that it adds some character and color to otherwise boring brown cork boards.

DIY Kids Art Station 3

I completed the art station with some cute push pins and moved the boy’s table and chairs from the other side of the room. We just purchased a bright blue futon for them so this was the perfect solution to still be able to use the table and chairs in the room.

DIY Kids Art Station 5

I gave the boys a few new art supplies and they couldn’t be happier!! I love this little set up for them to have a dedicated space to craft. I’m pretty sure we all know where their love for crafting and creating came from. 😉

What would you do with FrogTape’s Shape Tape?  Next, time I’m going to use it on something larger scale since I now know how well it works! Hooray! What project are you going to tackle?

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