Lace Flower Tutorial

These are the things you will need for your lace flower, Hot Glue Gun, (I like the one with 2 setting so I can put the glue gun on a low setting so I don’t burn my fingers off) Button covers… I use the largest size although the picture shows the small ones but you get the idea, fabric to cover your button, and at least 2 yards of lace, the lace I use is a cream lace that is about an inch and a half wide.
1. Start a bead of hot glue in a half circle, this will be the biggest part of the flower.
2. Continue the glue around to form a circle when you get to the beginning of the circle put a bead a glue right below the ribbon…if you don’t put the glue right below then you will have a gap between each circle of lace.
You almost want to have every row over lap each other…this way your flower will be full.
Leave a hole in the middle for your covered button. I forgot to take pictures of covering the button but they are very easy and the package has great directions.
Here is the finished laced flower. Quick and easy! I put these flowers on everything from pillows to lamp shades, and they make great flowers for headbands. If you can not find a certain color of lace try dying white or cream lace. I heard it works awesome.

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  1. I don’t know how I just found your site…{blindly clicking away at links}…but I sure am glad I did! You girls have some amazing projects here. I love your pillows, this huge flower on the lamp, burlap wreath…etc. Needless to say, I’m a new follower :)Thanks for sharing your talents.

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