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How to Organize a Kids Closet

Happy New Year! This month Michaels Makers Challenge was to get organized which is exactly what I was wanting to do. Mallory has been helping me one area at a time and I am really excited to share what we have been up to with you. How to Organize a Kids Closet.


To start we went room by room and looked at my “trouble” areas. On top of the trouble areas with a new baby in the house I need to use the space that I have better than I have been using it and I needed to get rid of a ton of stuff.

With all those things in mind, we started getting my little boy Ryder’s closet under control. His closet has become one of those places in my house that we just store random stuff that does not have a place to go. All of his clothes are in a dresser besides some of his church clothes. His toys are in random places in the house and I wanted his toys to be in his space, that way he knows where his stuff is.

Here is what the closet before we got started.

organize closet before

Here is the After Picture. Here are the details on How to Organize a Kids Closet

Organizing Closets 1

What we did was take notes of everything that I wanted to go into the closet. My list included, cars, nerf guns, trains, legos, ointments ( My poor little guy has to used a couple of different creams and ointments everyday because his eczema is so bad), felt house, ( I made them for my girls last year for Christmas.) balls, k’nex, and then clothes that they grew out of. I also wanted a place to keep my kids memorabilia and some of our family pictures.

Then we took a picture of the closet and we wrote down a few measurements and we headed to Michaels. Michaels just launched a new line of storage and organization product called Cre8ted Spaces available in stores now and it has tons of different colors, bins and office supplies. The new line is perfection. I loved all the different cute colors but I went with the clear bins that they had.

I also wanted to have some labels for each bin. Using the Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Sticker paper and the Silhouette Design software we created these labels that we used on the different bins.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.13.16 PM

Organizing Closets 3 The baby clothes bin is currently empty because my little one is still in newborn clothes. I wanted to have my bin already for when she starts to grow out of her clothes. One thing that Mallory has taught me is that its good to have empty bins and to have room in bins. I don’t want everything to be jammed full of stuff other wise I can’t fit anything else in there for when I either buy something new.

My husband hunts and he has lots gear and clothes and he has spent a good amount of money on everything he needs. He does not like to keep some of his stuff in the garage and this closet has the space for him to keep it here. Normally we keep his Yeti cooler and also one more bin of his hunting gear in the closet but when I took the picture he was out-of-town hunting and so he had those two things with him.

Organizing Closets 2

Now I have a spot for each of my kids, my husband and myself to put her keepsakes and special papers. Although I don’t print out every picture that I take these days since most of them are digital I love having a spot for my photos.

Organizing Closets 8Having labels on everything is a game changer. It makes it easier for my husband and kids to know where everything belongs.  Organizing Closets 7

Everything in your life needs a home or it will never go back to where it belongs. I love the closet now. It just makes so much more sense. Now I want every bit of my house this organized. I can’t wait to show you want else we have been organizing. Be sure to check out The Glue String blog to see what the other Michael’s Makers did for the organizing challenge.

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  1. Not only is it organized, but the boxes are so nice to look at! But, what if something you want is in the box that is placed at the bottom. That might get a little hard.
    Besides that, the labeling idea is real good! Kudos 🙂

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