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  • Ave Home Campaign Nightstand

    How to paint a nightstand with chalk paint

    You guys I am super excited about my new nightstands that I got from AVE Home. I am in love with them. They have amazing storage and the detail of the hardware is just perfection. The campaign style nightstands come in raw wood form so they are pretty much just primed and ready for a coat of paint. I painted the nightstands with Annie Sloan chalk paint and I finished it off with the clear coat of Annie Sloan wax. Painting them is extremely easy. I was able to finish two nightstands from start to finish including drying time in about 2 hours or so but that time is mostly just waiting for the paint to dry. I made this easy video to show you exactly what I did. You can find the AVE Home Nightstand HERE and be sure to check out all the rest of their amazing products HERE.…

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  • Photo 14 After 4

    Dining Room Refresh with ScotchBlue

    Hello, hello our dear friends! We are so excited to share Savannah’s dining room refresh we did recently! We are pumped because A. we painted a door our current favorite color, blush pink. Learn how to paint a door here. B. We got to do a project together since I moved. C. We have a new video for you! Yahoooo! Now, this living room “Before” is definitely not your typically before photo because obviously it’s gorgeous. Savannah just wanted a lighter, brighter feel and something that felt “new”. You know when you’re stuck in a rut in your house but don’t really need to change anything? A simple coat of paint on an accent wall or a fun colored door gives you a new, fresh feel without redecorating! We’re going to show you our tips for a quick room refresh. Let’s do it! Materials: All-purpose cleaner and paper towels Screw Driver ScotchBlue PLATINUM Painter’s Tape Putty Knife or 5-in- 1 tool Paint roller Paint brush Interior Paint Paint tray TIP: Be sure to follow all ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape package instructions for…

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  • ryder

    DIY Stars Wars Dresser

    Today I’m excited to share all the details on how we did this DIY Star Wars Dresser. Okay, so my little guy Ryder LOVES Star Wars so much! When I was redoing his room from his circus nursery into a big boy room I knew that Star Wars going to be the ticket. I love theme rooms because I feel like they tell a story about the person or in this case the child. I knew this phase and love for Star Wars would not really last forever and that is why I did not do anything to crazy expensive. You can read all the details about the room HERE. Now let’s talk about this cute Star Wars dresser. Its so crazy how we changed a simple and inexpensive dresser from Ikea into key element in Ryder’s new room. First, we stained the whole dresser with a light coat of grey stain. Next, we used the Silhouette Design Studio to create the tie fighter ship. Since the Silhouette Cameo cuts only up to 12 inches we had to cut it…

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  • glow-in-the-dark horseshoes

    How to make Glow in the Dark horseshoes

    One of our favorite things to do as a family is going camping. When we’re go camping we spend a lot of time playing games, especially backyard games. We love corn hole, ladder ball but horseshoes is one of our favorites! One of the biggest problems we have when camping is that the adults like to hang out and play games after the kids go to bed. With that in mind we’re really excited that Krylon® has Krylon Glowz (available at Hobby Lobby!) a glow in the dark spray paint that we could use to make our game of horse shoes just a little bit better. We wanted to turn our normal horseshoes into something extra cute and special for our camping trips. We started out with normal horseshoes. We wanted the horseshoes to be awesome during the day and then stand out at night. To start we painted the horseshoes a similar color of spray paint to the glow in the dark paint. We used Krylon ColorMaster™ Paint + Primer in Blue Ocean Breeze and Coral Isle. After we painted the horseshoes and stakes a solid color…

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  • Bonus Room Makeover

    How to paint a dresser (inside the house!)

    I’m finally showing a project in my new house! A lot of our house feels like a reno zone but a few spaces feel “done” over the last week or so. We still have a few things to do in the completed spaces but at least it it is starting to feel like our home. Today we’re teaming up with DecoArt to show you another makeover using DecoArt Satin Enamels. This little dreamboat dresser was a yard sale find back when I lived in New York and has had a couple different makeovers. It has been used in my boys’ room and now they’ve outgrown it a bit since they’re bigger and have more clothes. (The drawers are not very deep so it doesn’t hold a ton of clothes, especially for two kiddos sharing a room.) The pulls are built into the drawers so I had to spray paint them first. I gave it 3-4 blasts of spray paint per handle to brighten the gold that was already there. Next, I used DecoArt Satin Enamels in Pure White. This paint…

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  • 12-After 2

    DIY Oversized Chalkboard Calendar

    Materials Needed: 4×8 sheet of smooth plywood Chalkboard Paint ScotchBlue Delicate Surfaces Painter’s Tape Putty knife White latex paint Paintbrush Lint-free paint roller Paint tray Sanding block (optional) Note: Follow all ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesion and removal. Step 1: Make sure your plywood is free from any splinters or cracks. Sand edges smooth if necessary using a sanding block. Paint the entire sheet of plywood with chalkboard paint using a lint-free foam roller. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Step 2: Use ScotchBlue Delicate Surfaces Painter’s Tape to tape off a border around the outside perimeter of your calendar; this will act as a placeholder for your border. We chose to do a traditional monthly calendar on the left side and a large “Notes” section on the right side. Our border was approximately 4 inches on the bottom, sides and approximately 8 inches on the top of the calendar to allow space to label the days of the week. To make this easier, we used 4 rows of the 1.88 inch wide ScotchBlue Delicate Surfaces Painter’s…

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  • Kids Bathroom Makeover -

    How to paint a bathroom vanity

    I’m finally getting around to showing you guys my kids’ bathroom makeover I did with DecoArt! This bathroom was just super basic and brown. All the brown! I am over it! I wanted something fun and bright and clean looking. I painted the walls white when we first moved in but it took me forever to get around to painting the vanity cabinets. This is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in. Brown tile, brown-ish tan walls, brown (painted!) cabinets, not even wood. Blah. Not interested in that at all. I masked off the entire space and used DecoArt Satin Enamels to paint them. I love this stuff because you don’t really have to do much prep and the paint stays on like a dream! It adheres so well without a ton of sanding and prep work. Ain’t nobody got time for that, guys. I used my HomeRight Finish Max spray gun and DecoArt Satin Enamels in Pure White. I like the finish of this paint because it’s totally wipeable and cleanable. You know how pretty much the…

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  • How to Paint a Door

    How to paint a door with ScotchBlue

    We have a super fun project to share with you guys today. One that applies to basically everyone, no matter your style, taste or even skill level! Today we’re sharing how to paint (or repaint!) a door.We are painting the exterior of Savannah’s front entry door of her house today. She’s in a rental so we knew we would just be able to do cosmetic updates to the outside. In a perfect world, Savannah would love to add another window to the left side of the house and change the roofline but those are pretty big changes! ha! Next house. 😉 The plan was to paint the door, some other paint updates (the step under the door, repaint the foundation, facia and door casing), add shutters, a window box and some plants and flowers. The front door was replaced a few months ago. It came primed but not painted and she waited and waited until she decided on the perfect color to paint it.  She finally decided she wanted a deep, rich navy so we got to work! Supplies: All-purpose cleaner…

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  • DIY Jax Pedastal Dining Table -

    How to Stain a Wood Table + a Dining Room Update!

    You might remember for our last furniture makeover, the pink campaign dresser, that we have teamed up with an incredible furniture company, Ave Home. Ave Home is an interior furnishings company based in New Orleans. They specialize in producing curated collections of both raw wood and finished furniture. We got to choose an amazing piece from the AVE Raw collection and I chose this insanely awesome Jax Pedestal Table. It came in two boxes (the base and the top) and completely raw wood. I sanded it slightly on the top to make it as smooth as possible and got to work. Supplies: Ave Home Jax Pedestal Table  Pre-Stain Classic Grey Stain Polycrylic Gloves Face mask Staining pads or cloth Drill or screwdriver (to attach the pieces together) First, I used a pre-stain conditioner and wiped it on the entire piece. Follow the directions on the can but you can usually start staining around 5-15 minutes after the pre-stain is applied. It helps avoid blotchy staining and gives you a more consistent look when you apply your stain. I applied one coat of the Classic Grey…

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