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  • DIY Spray Painted Barstools

      When I moved into my new house one of the things I fell in love with was this covered back patio. I loved that I had a little countertop just off of my kitchen window. I could just imagine feeding my kids out the kitchen window as they played outside. I wanted to do some fun DIY barstools and when I fell in love with this fabric I knew that the perfect accent color for the barstools would be ColorMaster® Paint + Primer in Sun Yellow by Krylon. I got these tired looking barstools from my neighbors next-door that were getting rid of them. I knew it would be a quick and easy fix to give them some new life. Some of the wood was rotting out from them and also the fabric just wasn’t my style. First I collected all of my products that I would need to complete the project I ordered this fabric online. It has really great green colors with a little bit of yellow through some of the leaves. I also got a few cans of Krylon’s…

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  • #mallorysprescottviewhome kitchen island

    Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Island

    Hello friends! I’m finally sharing my DIY kitchen island with you today! It’s been done for a few months but I wanted it to be perfect (which it’s not) before I shared it. LOL! If you’ve been wanting to build a DIY Kitchen Island but not sure how or think it will be too hard, it’s not! I promise ANYONE can build this. Anyone. First I taped off a general area of where I wanted it and got rough estimates and headed to the Home Depot. I got these three boxes and arranged them in the aisle. It was literally the perfect size! I wanted a lot of drawers and these three were so perfect, in stock and inexpensive! I got home and put them in place. Somehow I carried them each from my car on my own and felt like superwoman. I put 2×4″ screwed into the wooden subfloor and once it was level, I screwed the cabinet bases into the 2×4. Next, I used shims to make the boxes square. After everything was square and solid, I used…

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  • Modern Ranch Reno: Paint Colors and the Best Decision I Made on my House

    Making decisions can be really hard. I have made some bad decisions and I made some really good ones. One of the very very best decisions was having my walls and ceilings texture smoothed out. It was not a decisions that was made lightly. It is pretty pricey and it makes a HUGE mess. But it was one millions percent worth it!!!!  But before that happened we had to remove the wallpaper. I have a few tips to remove wallpaper and I will share that a bit later. Another really big decisions is paint colors. Paint colors is really really hard. I got some of my samples of my favorite paint colors from my last house and they just did not work in the new house, I also looked up some of my favorite bloggers favorite paint colors and because lighting is way different and everyones house is so different paint colors look different in everyone house and everyones space. This is way paint colors can be so tricky. I really loved what colors we ended up with but first…

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  • #mallorysprescottviewhome Kitchen Reveal

    Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal

    The day has finally come!! It’s reveal day for my DIY Kitchen Remodel! Guys, literally blood, sweat, frustrated tears, curse words, changed minds, tears of joy (for real!) happened during this DIY kitchen remodel. I am SO dang proud of this space, not in like a braggy way but I’m just so glad all of the crazy ideas actually worked and that it’s finally done! I legit DIYed everything except the countertops, BY MYSELF! My hubby did help with the floors and because it takes approximately 1 million years to lay flooring alone but I’m so thrilled with the outcome of our hard work! Oh! My husband and his brother (our go-to electrician!) installed my lights too! I can’t take credit for that! LOL! Before we get on with the DIY Kitchen Remodel REVEAL here’s a refresher of the “before”. Since we moved in, I wanted a new layout/new cabinets but after getting quoted $7,000-10,000 for new cabinets,  I decided to wait on them. One night, laying in bed brainstorming (happens often!) I thought of a genius idea of rearranging the existing cabinets…

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  • Modern Ranch Reno: DIY Wood Accent Wall

    For my master bedroom I wanted to do an epic DIY Wood Accent Wall. I went back and forth with a few different designs. A few things I did know was, I did not want the wall to just have straight wood pieces and I knew that I wanted to add in some kind of round element. I was not really sure what I would use for that but I knew I wanted something round. This DIY Wood Accent Wall is easier then it looks. This is how my room started. I got this amazing gold brass bed from Overstock, you can find it HERE. The nightstands are from Ave Home they are the Small Harper Campaign Dresser. Now to create the epic DIY Wood Accent Wall here are the materials that you are going to need, Materials: Half Round Trim 4 inch wood rounds (I found these wood rounds at Hobby Lobby) 5 inch wood rounds (I found these wood rounds at Hobby Lobby) Nail Gun (We are both obsessed with the Roybi Air Stike) Brad Nails   I cut…

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  • Modern Ranch Reno : Master Bedroom-How to Paint a Wooden Accent Wall with BEHR®’s Wanderlust Paint

    I am really excited to reveal my master bedroom to all of you. With 2017 just starting and the holidays over I am finally ready to tackle some projects around the new house and my master bedroom was first on the list. For me it is important to have my bedroom done first because I need a place to retreat to when things are crazy with a remodel. I bought my bed a few months ago after I sold my old white bed and my new gold brass bed was a big statement piece. I loved my bed from the moment I found it but I struggled with the rest of the room until I found the perfect paint color for an accent wall, it is called Wanderlust by BEHR®. I loved it because has a lot of depth and it’s such a rich color. Wanderlust  is part of the BEHR 2017 Color Trends collection.  There are so many awesome colors in the 2017 collection so be sure to go and check them out. We have always loved color in our homes and we…

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  • Home Improvement: How to update a light fixture

    We are so excited to be sharing another DIY project with you guys! With the holidays lasting over a month, most people aren’t in house project mode. We usually switch gears and focus on holiday projects and I’ve missed sharing DIYs over the last month or so! That being said, we are so psyched to be back at it in full DIY mode! Today I’m going to show you a DIY Light Fixture that I am in LOVE with!! I’m currently helping a family redecorate their home and suggest some DIY projects. Funny story, this is the family I bought my house from! They just moved a few streets down and we bought their old house! It’s been so fun to have them follow along our renovation of my house and to be able to help them get new ideas and decorate their new house! Their new home is gorgeous but had a few random dated things throughout the home. The lighting was something they weren’t crazy about but as we all know, lighting can be crazy expensive; especially when you’re redoing a…

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  • Updating My Curb Appeal by Painting My Front Door

    So with the New Year here I am getting things done around the new house. The house is coming along and I have notice that the smallest details and updates are making the biggest difference. With that being said my front door was in pretty bad shape and updating my curb appeal was key. I hated the green trim around the door and black door was in major need of a fresh coat of paint. Who ever painted the door in the first place did not do that great of a job. There was a lot of wood showing through the black paint. The paint was also chipping off on parts of the door. The whole door needed a facelift. I decided to use the DecorArt Outdoor Living paint in Iron Gate to update the look and giving my front door a fresh look for the New Year. The paint is super smooth and has a great finish. The Green trim was the first thing to be painted. I taped around the whole door and the windows to make painting…

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  • DIY Fall Mantle Decor

    I am excited to share this year’s fall mantle with all of you. This year with my mantle I wanted a very clean and classic look with all the colors of fall. I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted so I knew that I needed to DIY a few things to get the look I was going for. I found some fall leaves and branches but I could not find a vase that I liked to go with the branches. Here is where the DIY comes in, I found a few plain glass vases and using some Krylon® Spray Paint I totally transformed them. I started by using the Krylon® Shimmer Metallic Candy Corn  spray paint and sprayed the top half of the vase. Always be sure to read product label for proper application and safety instructions. This Shimmer Metallic spray has the perfect amount of shimmer to it. It adds a bit more movement and dimension then just plain orange spray paint. After the top of the vase was dry I taped off the top half of the vase. I…

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  • DIY Pixelated Cactus Artwork

    Hi friends! We are so excited to finally be sharing this funky cactus artwork with you today! This technique that we’re going to teach you is totally customizable and can be made into virtually any shape using any colors! We’re Arizona girls so we loved the idea of a trendy cactus, with pink flowers, of course. Materials Needed: 3×4 sheet of thin plywood, your choice! 1×2 boards for trim (optional) Carpenter’s square ScotchBlue Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape Putty knife Pencil Foam paintbrushes Utility Knife Acrylic Paints Note: Follow all ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesion and removal. Step 1: Trace a grid of approximately 1” squares on your plywood. We left about a 6” border around the perimeter. Don’t overthink the measurements. This is really flexible.  Step 2: Trace a rough sketch of your cactus shape. Step 3:We recommend sealing the plywood with clear polyurethane before applying tape. Once your poly is dry, tape your traced cactus shape and seal using ScotchBlue Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape around your cactus shape. You will tape off any square that…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: How to paint a Garage Floor and Garage Makeover Reveal

    Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by today! We’re sooooo excited to share the rest of the garage makeover with you today! I’m going to start by saying that I am in LOVE with how it turned out. I’ve had so many friends and neighbors stop by and compliment it and want to peek inside. It’s so clean and functional and it just makes me so proud of our hard work. Today we’re sharing a tutorial on painting the floor in a classic, beautiful Greek key pattern. Let’s get started! Materials Needed: Power Washer Broom ScotchBlue Exterior Surfaces Painter’s Tape Note: Follow all ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesion and removal. Carpenter’s square Carpenter’s knife Putty knife or 5-in-1 tool Garage floor paint Lint-free paint roller Paint Roller extension pole Step 1: First, clean and prepare your floor. Make sure your door is clear of any old paint, grease, oils, dust, lint, dirt, wax etc.  Use a power washer to remove any and all debris from the cement and allow to dry for 24-48 hours…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: Garage Makeover Progress and Getting Organized

    When you’re tackling a home renovation, the garage becomes Grand Central Station and you spend a LOT of time working in it. We found ourselves constantly going in and out of the garage making cuts with various saws, grabbing supplies, recharging tools and everything you could imagine. We decided to tackle the garage makeover first so we could organize our tools and DIY supplies so we weren’t digging through boxes throughout months of renovation. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in, sans 1 million boxes that got loaded into the house. Oh boy! See, chaos. I needed a way to organize all of my stuff and have the garage function. There were several random cabinets on a couple walls in the garage so I rearranged them onto one wall so it made more sense. I painted them white so it felt brighter and a little more updated. I created a little desk area and used a sheet of melamine on top to create a table top. I installed a peg board to hang tape and tools and put shelving by…

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