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  • Camping Games Printable

    Free Printables: Summer Camping Printables

    Hello! It’s Courtney from Paperelli. Summer is finally here! Some of my favorite summer memories growing up involved camping with the family. Do you have any camping trips planned this summer? Today I am sharing these free Summer Camping Printables. Sometimes planning for a camping trip can be hard, especially if it’s your first time. I have created a couple Summer Camping Printables to help your camping trip planning stay organized and worry free! First, the Camping Packing List. Since everyone needs different items depending on the camping location and people coming, I decided to keep these lists blank and easy to customize. Organize your packing list into general campsite items, clothing and footwear, personal items, kitchen items and other miscellaneous  items. I think the best part of camping is eating and cooking outdoors.  Meal planning for camping can be a little bit harder, because you’re away from your oven, microwave, and maybe even electricity. Hopefully you find these Camping Meal Planning Printables helpful while planning for your camping trips this summer!   Are you bringing kids along on your camping trip this summer?…

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  • DIY Nursery String Art

    Good morning, everyone… it’s Charlotte from Ciburbanity! I’ve missed you! Two weeks ago, we moved into a “forever” house around the corner which means a lot of things, but… right now, it means I can actually start putting together our new nursery! Believe it or not, this will be the first nursery I’ve ever *really* designed. The first three kids were born in New York City and we were renting, and then sweet Louisa was moved into the brand new guest room… so technically a newly designed space, but not for a baby. Hopefully I’ll get the space ready in time, but today I at least have a fun piece of artwork for the room to share with you! Have you ever dabbled in string art? I love it… if you google it, you’ll find examples of it everywhere and it’s such a fun textural way to bring in some dimension and color and whimsy to your space. Also? It’s cheap and easy… my favorite type of craft! Materials? An old board, brad nails, and string/ yarn. That’s it! Start…

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  • Last Day of School Free Printables

      **UPDATE** All downloads should be working properly now! Thanks for your patience!!! Hey guys! Due to popular demand, I’ve got this years Last Day of School Free Printables for you! I know a few places have already finished school, lucky ducks but several places still have a few days, weeks or even over a month left! First, download your appropriate grade(s) or if you have a few kiddos and want to capture one good picture, download the Last Day of School printable. This has the year but no grade or school level so it’s perfect for a shot of all of your kids, neighbor kids, bus stop or even the whole class! Click on the link below of the one you want to download and save it to your desktop. Open the image (I use Preview) and click Print. Next, print your image on smooth cardstock if possible. Last year, I mounted it on red construction paper to jazz it up a bit. Tip: I used the “Print Entire Image” preset and this worked great. Just trim the white edges…

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  • Tips on how to Style an End Table

    This post was sponsored by Target, my favorite store on the planet. All opinions, tips and tricks are 100% my own. In my front entry way I have a little area that I have turned into a little sitting area. This area has become one of my favorite spaces. We gather there for homework and I found that my kids love to sit in these comfortable chairs and color and read. Since we use this area as a hang out we need a little table between the chairs to use and to help complete the space. I found this cute end table at Target and I also found this lamp and floral piece. I love the pop of color the lamp brought to the space and the flowers add such a homey feel. My Tips for styling and picking an end table is to…. First, know what look you are going for in the space. Do you want more of a casual look or something more sophisticated and formal? Second, pick the right end table. If you have a heavy…

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  • The BEST DIY Body Scrubs

    So, if you’ve followed our blog for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve shared a few different DIY Body Scrub recipes with you. Especially sugar scrubs. Guys, they’re the best. They are so easy to make, take only a few minutes, few ingredients, make great gifts and leave your skin feeling baby’s bum soft. For reals. I love them. I kept this Apple Cinnamon Scrub on my bathroom counter all winter because the weather really takes it’s toll on my hands and lips (weird?) in the winter. The sugar scrubs are soothing and exfoliating. I love it for chapped, dry, peeling lips. Here are some of my favorites. Next time you need a quick gift, make one of these babies and throw it in a mason jar. Done and done. This Apple Cinnamon Scrub is my current fave. It’s totally edible so I use it for a lip scrub and may or may not lick my lips a little after. It gets all the dry yuckies (It’s a word.) off and leaves my lips smooth! Also amazing in…

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  • 10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Him

    Every year, buying for my husband is the hardest! He always says he doesn’t “need anything” and his wants list is always very minimal. He’s awesome like that but it makes buying for him rather difficult. Instead of getting him a tie or cologne, I decided to search for some other great gift ideas for the man in my life and your man in yours! Apple TV – I actually got him this a few years ago and we LOVE it! It’s the best! DIY “Extremely Hot” Grilling Apron Cuddle Kit for 2 – I love that this really shows you care and want to spend time with him. Great gift! Hello Handsome Key Chain Gun Soaps – these are awesome for a gun fan or hunter! Nixon Tectonic Belt from Urban Outfitters Live from New York Book – History of SNL! This is awesome! FitBit GoPro Camera Leather Money Clip My husband would love any and all of these gifts! Hope you find something for the man in your life! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to offset the cost of…

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  • Meet these Mormons

    Hi friends! We’re popping in today to share with you a new movie we’re really excited about! We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints otherwise known as “The Mormons”. We are proud of this part of who we are! We are excited to team up with over 65+ of us strong… to extend an invitation to see a film. A film entitled “Meet The Mormons”. This film is not meant to be an “in your face” – you must join our church film. It is simply designed and produced to uplift and inspire you through six stories of those of our faith who have followed promptings to follow Christ more fully in their lives. We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this film. We hope your hearts are made light as you feel the goodness that comes from following our Christ and Savior. All proceeds from the film will be donated to The American Red Cross. So not only will you be uplifted and inspired, your money will be going to an amazing charity!!…

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  • Pinterest Powerhouse Bloggers you’ll want to follow!

    It’s no secret that we are pin-aholics! Pinterest has done some amazing things for both the everyday pinner and bloggers! We use it for so many things and it’s seriously awesome. We use it for organizing and brainstorming project ideas, as a recipe book, inspiration and most importantly, connecting with other fabulous bloggers and finding new blogs that inspire us! We have teamed up with some of the top Pinterest powerhouse bloggers that you’ll really want to follow. They pin the best of the best, créme de la créme of pins that you won’t want to miss! Just click the bloggers name or the See On Pinterest button and that will take you to their Pinterest boards, then if you like what you see, be sure to click the Follow All button. We’d love to share the great ideas we find on Pinterest with you! Visit Classy Clutter’s profile on Pinterest. Visit Landee See, Landee Do’s profile on Pinterest. Visit Lolly Jane’s profile on Pinterest. Visit 30 days blog’s profile on Pinterest. Visit Aly Brooks {}’s profile on Pinterest. Visit Leigh Anne, YourHomebasedMom’s…

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  • Back to School Ideas

    If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve had a bunch of back to school ideas for you this year! Reason being, Savannah and I both have our oldest kiddos starting Kindergarten and our 2nd oldest kids in Preschool! It’s SO bittersweet for me because my 5 year old gets bored easily at home and is ready to be challenged a bit. We definitely run out of things to do that can entertain both my 5 year old and my 1 year old. I mean, you can only go to the park so many times and play legos for so many hours! 😉 They’re great at entertaining each other most of the time but like I said, we’re all ready for some structure and routine. I’ve rounded up a ton of fun Back to School ideas for you today! Everything from lunch ideas to First Day of School printables to Teacher’s gifts and more! Hope you enjoy them and can put most or all of them to great use! Teacher’s Survival Kit Gift Idea – this is awesome to give your child’s teacher…

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  • First Day of School Free Printable Signs -

    First Day of School Free Printable Signs

    UPDATE: We now have 2016-2017 First Day of School Prints in our Etsy shop! It comes with all grade levels ready to print!  Grab yours here: First Day of School Signs Last year, these First Day of School Free printable signs were a huge hit and I have had a ton of requests for the new school year version! Welcome the 2014-2015 school year and snap a picture of your kid(s) on their first day! I am excited to add a few new ones this year like “First day of Junior High”, “First day of High School” (if your high schoolers will still let you snap a picture of them on their first day!) and “First day of School!” for families to get a picture together with all of the kiddos. Download the printables by clicking the appropriate link for the grade level you need below. First Day of School First day of Preschool First day of Pre-K First Day of Kindergarten First Day of 1st Grade First Day of 2nd Grade First Day of 3rd Grade First Day of 4th…

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  • Back to School Printables

    Hey everyone! It’s Courtney from Paperelli and I am beyond excited to share these back to school printables with you. Summer is coming to a close and school is just around the corner. Preparing to go back to school should be fun and easy!   Thinking back to my school days, my absolute favorite part of going back to school was school shopping. Who doesn’t love brand new fall clothes and a fresh stack of unused school supplies? Make your back to school shopping a little simpler with this organized Back to School Checklist. DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST HERE Another great way to get the kids excited to go back to school is by getting them involved in planning school lunches. I remember eyeing the food in the fridge and pantry that we were supposed to save for school. Knowing that the food was off limits, except for school lunches, made me even more excited for school to start! Check out these school lunch food labels I made for you. Perfect labels to help your children remember what foods they can and cannot eat and keep them…

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  • 8 Cute Girls Hairstyles

    During the summer I have a little more time to get my kids ready and out the door. So I have been wanting to try out a few new hairstyles on my girls and here a few that I would love to try out. Pony in 3 Parts Princess Crown Braid Fishtail Braid plus a few other styles Giant Bow and Side Bun Skip a Beat Braid Twisted Crown and Ballerina Bun Triple Bun Cute Bow Style Have a great week!    …

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