My Girl’s NEW Room

My girls now share a room and I am excited that they are finally together. They are doing way way better then I thought they would. The room is still not done but I wanted to share the progress.
I was planning on getting another twin bed but then to store my full size bed was turning into a nightmare. I was so glad we were able to fit both beds we already had into Leesie’s room. I really did not want to spend money on the girl’s room. I did buy matching bedding for them at Target which was on sale. The full size bed was painted Gold and my friend Jade and I hand brushed the whole bed white in about an hour with the Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint. It was nice not to have to move the bed out of the room. The green bed which is Millie’s bed Tutorial is HERE
I also got an “M” and “L” from Joanns and I used Elmers glue and German Glitter Glass. If you want to know how to do this follow Mallory’s Tutorial Here The German Glitter Glass is more expensive then normal glitter but since these letters would hang in their room for a while the extra expense was worth it.
Remember Millie’s ABC’s Wall I went ahead and moved the frames over to Leesie’s Room. The placement of the frames is not exactly where I want them but it will work for now.
This dresser is painted with the Homemade Chalk Paint
Now I need to work on some pillows for the girls bed. I am beyond excited about the nursery it is coming along AWESOME! Hopeful I will be done next week so I can share it with you.

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