Praying and Postponing

After the heartbreaking news in Connecticut today, I am going to ask a request instead of posting our Top 10 tonight. I would love to ask all of our readers to please, take a moment before you lay your head down tonight to pray for those that lost their loved ones today. This horrible, devastating tragedy is so heart wrenching I can’t even imagine it. Hug your families and hold them close. Tell and show your children you love them. They need strong families, leaders and examples in this world going crazy.

We are praying for those that have been affected in any way by the madness at Sandy Hook Elementary today. Please say a prayer too! 
PS. I will post the Top 10 features in the morning with the link party. 

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  1. Well said. Been saying prayers all day for the Lord to wrap the many families in his loving embrace and give the peace that only he can at such a horrible time. I know he’s holding all those sweet babies in his loving arms right now.

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