Happy New Year and the 2012 Color of the Year!

It’s 2012! Can you believe it!? 12 is my lucky number so I’m super pumped about this year! …aside from the whole world supposed to end thing. That might cramp my style… I have big plans for this year! We hope you have a fantastic year! 

A new year means new beginnings. When I was in Arizona, Savannah and I talked a lot about New Year’s resolutions and a lot of them came down to being more organized and structured! That means we need to make some changes! There are so many thing I need to get organized in my life to make it easier on myself! We hope to share some organizing tips and tricks that work for us throughout the year! 
Oh yeah, the 2012 Color of the year is Tangerine Tango! What a pretty corally orange! I’m loving it! 
WOWZA! I’m not typically an orange girl but man, oh man, these inspiration photos may change me! LOVING every one of them!
Let’s make 2012 AWESOME!

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