How to Store Holiday Decorations

The best part about the holidays is getting to deck out the house! The worst part is having to take it all down at the end of the month. Here is an easy way to store holiday decorations!

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Christmas is just days away and sooner than later, it’s going to be time to take down Christmas decorations. Today I’m going to show you how I store holiday decorations. 

We have family coming into town for Christmas (which we weren’t planning on so I am SO excited to have guests!) Since we have a lot more people coming than I had planned, the room will feel a bit cramped so I am going to rearrange the space a little bit to allow for more people and more gifts! Yay!

This Christmas season, I removed one of my grey sofas and added our blue chairs into my living space so it felt more open and we could admire the trees. Now, with guests coming, we’re definitely going to need more seating so I need to bring the sofa back in. This made the room feel like too much “stuff” when I think about people and presents being added to the room. 

Storing the Trees

I decided to move one of my 7.5′ Christmas trees into my office and put away the other 7.5′ tree. This means that I will keep the 9′ tree in this space for Christmas morning. 

Now one of the trees is in my office, which I love because now you can see twinkly lights from outside the window. Then, I packed up the 3rd tree. Yep, before Christmas. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you guys how I store holiday decorations during the off seasons. 

As always, when I buy storage systems, I always look at my stuff first then analyze what I need. You need to know what items need stored before picking out the various containers. 

I love using tree bags to house the trees. The original boxes that trees come in, seem to take a beating when being hauled in and out of the garage. This year I invested in these tree bags which are especially helpful in keeping things tidy and keeping the flocking mess to a minimum. I got 2 7.5′ bags and a 9′ bag from At Home. If you have an artificial tree, these bags are must-have and totally affordable!

Storing Holiday Decorations

I also got a 3 piece hard storage set from At Home to house my “large” items as I undecorated the trees. They also have an oversized ornament storage box for larger items that you could use depending on what size of items you have on your tree.

I used a couple of the 44-Gallon Rectangular Storage Bin Containers from At Home to store random sized items. I have holiday pillows and blankets and odd sized items that fit well in this container. This long container is also great for gift wrap!

Storing Ornaments

For the ornaments, I used this Christmas Ornament Storage Box to keep all of my ornaments safe until next year. 

I am a huge fan of using vertical storage. When I organized my garage this summer, we installed ceiling racks in our garage and all of our holiday decor on those racks in the garage. These have been a lifesaver and LOVE having it all off of the ground. If you don’t have a space like this, these storage containers I got from At Home are easy to store and work great on garage shelving, in an attic, storage shed, basement, etc. 

I’m so glad I have stocked up on these storage containers before it’s time to un-decorate for the holidays in a few short days! Happy Holidays!

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