How to accessorize ANY space in your home

Accessorizing your space is the easiest, most fun way to complete your space. Personally, this is the step that gets skipped most often. This is THE step that matters the most when pulling it all together and the SECRET to having a completed room. Here are some of our sure ways to finish off a space.

Accessorizing your walls:

Show your walls some love. You don’t want empty walls BUT you don’t want to fill all of them. My rule is that you need a mirror (which makes your space feel larger) and art in most every room. No mirrors in the kitchen probably but you know.

Some of our favorite ways to do this include:

Throw Pillows & Blankets

Nearly every space can use a few throw pillows or blankets to make it feel cozy, unique and comfortable. Picking out these types of accessories really set the tone for the way you want the room to feel. This added “layer” of styling will define how the room feels. Rooms without throw pillows and blankets often feel cold, sterile or stuffy. Like a waiting room.

Example: In my master bedroom, I have three blankets (and sheets!) on my bed and TEN throw pillows. They make the space feel comfortable, inviting, cozy and the colors and textures bring personality to the space.

You can get really affordable pillows and pillow covers just about anywhere but of course we hope you’ll Shop Our Collection here.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is often overwhelming for people. Most people agree that they need a lamp or a “fun” light in their space but aren’t sure what to get! Accent lighting adds personality to the space and is super easy to update! I have updated EVERY single light in my home (one space at a time) since I moved in to set the tone for my home. Start in once space and work your way around your home. Ceiling lights / fans first and then work to flush mounts, sconces and vanity lights. Let’s start in the kitchen because that is an easy upgrade that can give you big bang for your buck!

Check out our Kitchen Lighting Ideas here.

Greenery / Trees / Florals:

Bringing greenery, trees and florals into a space really completes the look. Nearly every space we design and decorate has a tree, twigs or floral arrangement in it. Even faux if you have a brown thumb, like I do. I like to allocate about $20-150 depending on the space for greenery and florals. I usually purchase a faux tree, plants and floral arrangement for each space we design. Faux fiddle leaf and olive trees are my favorite right now and pretty much any small plant or floral arrangement.

Accessories and Accents:

The last thing to add to your space is home decor accents. These can be books, small trinkets, sculptures, pottery, ceramics, candlesticks, vases etc. We try to use a couple of these items to finish off any flat spaces including; mantels, end tables, coffee tables, entry tables, etc. Don’t get too carried away as to avoid the space looking cluttered but a simple vignette can go a long way!

Hope you loved our guide to accessorizing your space and that we have given you some ideas to get the wheels turning in your head! As always, reach out if you need help!

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  1. Where are you sourcing your most loved and affordable faux greenery?… I’m looking for a few pieces for my new low-natural light home

  2. Hi I’m looking for a twin bed with a trundle or a day bed.
    For my granddaughters. Do you have any suggestions.

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