How to Add Legs to Furniture the Easy Way

 How to Add Legs to Furniture the Easy Way
Today I’m going to show you how to add legs to virtually any piece of furniture. It’s super simple and pretty fool proof! If you can use a drill, you can do it!
I have always loved this hack because it can change the look of an entire piece.
First, you’ll need the materials. I got the bookcase on the side of the road and the metal brackets and legs from Lowes. They have a bunch of different sizes and styles so choose the size and style to suit your piece of furniture and your style. You will need a drill or a strong arm and a screwdriver. For this piece, I needed 4 brackets (under $2 each) and 4 legs (also under $2 each). Note: only 3 are pictured but I obviously needed 4. *winks*

Next, you’ll simply screw the metal plates on the bottom of your piece.

Then, the leg screws into the metal plate and that’s it!
All done! Now, I’m sure you know I’m not a fan of faux wood laminate furniture so I painted it. There’s an excellent tutorial for painting laminate here..

Here’s a close up of the legs. I love the added height and since the bookshelf was going in such a small space, the legs make it look less heavy in the room. I love how it turned out.

Told ya you could do it! Check out the full post for baby’s nursery nook here.
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  1. Adding the legs sure made the bookcase look so much better and suited for the space.
    I have an old 1960’s dresser sitting out in the shop to repaint. I’ve been putting off the job as it looks so, well…60’ish. Each time I look at it, I think it needs legs for added height and also to bring it the 2000 era. Now all I need to do is to get some legs and brackets at Lowe’s.

  2. I love placing legs on my cabinets and everyone else finds it weird. I guess I have someone like you who supports me with my habit. Haha! You have an easier process in adding legs to that cabinet and I guess I’ll try using metal brackets for my next project. 🙂

    < Carl Patten >

  3. Lovely! But…if the cabinet/bookshelf is heavy, or if you’re going to put heavy things on it, then putting the legs only on the floor/lowest shelf of the piece could result in the bottom shelf ripping out of the cabinet. Depends on how the bottom joints are made. Your photos show particleboard, which has very little integrity. I’d reinforce the bottom in some way, shim if necessary (because you can see that the sides project just a tiny bit below the bottom), and make sure that 3 of the bracket screws are in (or underneath) the sides.

    I’m planning to add legs to what I think is a solid wood cabinet, and I haven’t looked at the construction details yet, but I’m considering building a simple frame of 1×4 held together with mending plates — like we used to do in high school stage crew to build flats — maybe with a middle cross-piece if I think the floor might sag.

    Any updates? Had any problems with this?

    Thanks. The description is really helpful.

  4. Great blog post, but what are the brackets CALLED that you bought at Lowe’s (the metal plates)? I have been searching on all key words I can think of but they are not coming up. Unfortunately I can’t read the label on the photos. HELP! 🙂

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