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DIY Cupcake Tower {under $5 in under 30 minutes}

Aside from Thanksgiving, tomorrow is also my little boy’s 4th birthday! We celebrated throughout the week and had a little mini party with some friends at our house last week. I didn’t want to do anything extravagant since we are doing lots of other fun things to celebrate but we decided to do a mini superhero themed party with some of Carter’s favorite foods. What’s a party without cupcakes!? Carter loves chocolate so I made chocolate cupcakes with yellow “super hero” frosting and I made cupcake toppers using my Silhouette. Yes, I use it for everything. 
I knew I needed a cute way to display the cupcakes and around 8pm the night before, I decided to make a cupcake tower! I had everything except the ribbon on hand but it’s made using very inexpensive supplies. 
You will need:
2-3 foam poster boards (I got them at Dollar Tree)
A styrofoam wreath form for the base (also from Dollar Tree)
2 cans of canned goods (for the pillars)
Cardstock to cover the canned food
hot glue/glue gun
Ribbon or trim

You likely have some of this on hand but in case you had to buy the boards and wreath form, it will be less than $5. As you can see in the photo, I cut 6 total circles out of the foam board. 2 at 8″ for the top, 2 at 10″ for the middle tier and 2 at 12″ for the base.

Next, cover your cans with cardstock to hide the label. I used hot glue to glue it on.

Next, hot glue your 2 matching circles together so you have 3 sturdy circles.

Then, assemble! I started with the wreath form and glued on my 12″ circle then a pillar (can) then 10″ circle then another pillar then the 8″ top circle. I just kind of eye balled the assembly. I didn’t measure for the middle but you certainly can.

Finally, I took some ribbon (from Joann’s) and hot glued it to the edge to give it a clean edge and hide my cut marks.

Then, you’re done! Super easy!

For the rest of the little party display, I sewed a small super hero table cloth to go over my red table cloth. I got the fabric at Wal-Mart. I used the same fabric and some left over red chevron cotton and cut out some bunting triangles. I simply hot glued them to the green houndstooth ribbon that I had on hand. 

I used Savannah’s incredible “Projector method” of drawing on a chalkboard to draw the “Happy 4th Birthday Carter” and the skyline on the chalkboard.

Here are a few of the cupcake toppers I made. So easy and cute!

The birthday boy loved his cupcakes and the cupcake tower! 
Happy 4th birthday Carter! Mommy loves you Carty Cakes!
Hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving day tomorrow and be safe heading out for Black Friday!

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