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Closet Organization Tips with Custom Labels

Do you have a messy closet? Check out this post for easy tips on closet organization and the custom labels we created!

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Closet organization is everything because I can’t even tell you how many times a day I get asked for things. It usually go something like this, “Have you seen my dance shoes?” ” Have you seen my backpack?” “Do we have any Band-Aids?” “Do you know where the batteries are?” Can you relate?? If you can then I want to share one thing that has helped with so many of those questions. It’s getting organized and labeling EVERYTHING!!

Household Closet BEFORE:

Tips for Cleaning a Messy Closet

  1. Clear out everything!

    Before you can redo a closet you have to start by cleaning it out. Literally take everything out of it before starting anything else!

  2. Get matching containers.

    Purchase containers that make you happy and that match the rest of your home decor. Neutral colors are the best and my matching ones are perfect for my closet!

  3. Labels, labels, labels!

    Label EVERYTHING! Put a label on every single container. If you put labels on then you are more likely to put the stuff back in the right place and stay organized for longer.

  4. Make it your own.

    I added a fun wallpaper print to the back of our closet to make the containers really pop. It is so nice to look at and makes me want to stay organized in every room!

Step 1: Clear everything out

Here is the AFTER:

We used black vinyl and a Silhouette Machine to cut out these cute and random dots so that we could add a bit of character to this closet. It was really easy to apply and was really quick. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter machine you can use scissors and cut your own dots.

Label all the things!

It makes it so much easier for everyone if everything has a home and everything is labeled. We have made this even easier for you to create your household closet or cabinet by making a set of household labels for you. In our Classy Clutter Shop we have several different label sets including Bathroom Labels, Garage Labels, Panty Labels, and Household labels.

We have loved having this beautiful and organized closet. Everyone can find things in this closet way easier than before. We are BIG believers in being organized and that everything having a home in your home really does make your home run much smoother.

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