Crunchy Chorizo Taco Recipe

If you have never had chorizo, you are missing out!! It is Yum-my!

You will need:
1 lb ground beef
½ lb of Beef or Pork Chorizo
approx. 20 corn tortillas
Canola or Veg. Oil (for frying)
Taco toppings of your choice

Mix the ground beef and chorizo in a large mixing bowl. Mixing it with your hands or KitchenAid is easiest! Yeah… I don’t have a Kitchen Aid but I wish I did! 

Use the meat to make ½ circle patties and put the patty on the tortilla.

Pour oil in a frying pan about ½ inch deep (amount will vary depending on size of the pan)

Put the burner on medium to heat your oil.

Carefully fold your tacos as you place them in the oil.
(Oil may pop up as you put the taco in so I usually wear rubber gloves to avoid getting popped!)

Let one side of the taco cook until the tortilla is a golden brown and starts to get crispy.

Using tongs, flip over and cook the other side.

Once both sides are crispy, remove from oil and place open side down to allow any extra oil to drain from the inside of the taco.

Using a plate covered in a few paper towels works really well. (I ran out of paper towels so I just used a clean dish-towel)

Allow to cool a little bit and pile on the toppings!

*This recipe makes about 15 tacos**

Yes, I’m a total weirdo and I LOVE peas on them! My mom got me started and I love it! So weird I know! But Oh So Good!

These are seriously the BEST tacos ever! Every, single time I make them I get asked for the recipe… so here it is! Give these a try! They will not disappoint!


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