Mommy Tips: Grab and Go Easy snacks for kids

My sweet little two year old has developed a mind of his own! He wants to do things himself and gets a teensy weensy bit whiney when things aren’t going his way lately.  I’ve been trying to think of healthy ways for him to do things himself and still get the job done. 
My little Carter boy is probably one of the pickiest eaters ever. Well, let me rephrase that, he isn’t picky about which foods he will eat (usually) but he doesn’t eat a lot at a time. He’s a MAJOR snacker. I’ve tried to break this habit a bit by limiting snacks to a few healthy snacks and less sippy cups full of milk or juice during the day but he ended up just eating less each day! Mission not accomplished. 
Anywho, I’ve decided that I will make sure if he’s going to be a “snacker” I want to make healthy snacks available for him to get for himself. (With Mommy’s permission of course!)
Our family, especially my boys, LOVE grapes. Green and Red. Love them! BUT grapes come in annoying little zipper bags with holes in them and I don’t think they are packaged very well… I know some come in plastic containers but still, not the most conducive packaging for toddler snacking.  Result: the grapes hardly ever get eaten and end up getting all squishy and going bad. 
I went grocery shopping the other day and bought MORE grapes. I thought, if these grapes sit in the fridge and go bad, I’m not buying grapes anymore. (totally lying to myself) I’d probably still buy them, they’d just continue to be a waste and go bad but I’d buy them in hopes that they’d get eaten. 
I bought these little Lightning McQueen sandwich baggies at the Dollar Tree (Dollar store here in NY, they have them in AZ so I’m thinkin’ they have them in most states).  Lately my son wants ALL of his snacks in these baggies. I like that there’s a spot to write the child’s name or label the bag with it’s contents on the bag design. So cute and functional!
I decided that I’m going to buy the healthy snacks; grapes, apples, carrot sticks, celery sticks etc. and when I get home, wash them and cut them up (if needed) and make a toddler friendly snack basket in the fridge!  I showed Carter the little basket and he thought it was soooo cool to have snacks available within HIS reach so he can get them “all by himself”. 
I think this could work really well with pretzels, crackers, fishies, or your kid’s other favorite snacks in a cupboard. 
I’ve seen people do similar separating before and I thought I’d give it a try and it has been working really well the last day or so since I’ve had it there. I also put 100% Juice Capri Sun drinks in the door where he can reach them but only a couple at a time so he doesn’t fill up on sugary juice only! 
I found this idea on Pinterest and I love that there are more options than just fruits and veggies. Totally doing this!
Have you done this? Has it worked for you?

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  1. I agree! Carson is the same way! He’s always asking for snacks and is SUPER picky at meal time. I did something similar. He has a place in the fridge and then a basket in the cupboard for snacks. I’m always trying to find healthy snacks he’ll like. He’ll of course he fruit all day long… but veggies are a different story! I’ve found the little pb and ranch cups are GREAT! He thinks it fun to dip his carrots and celery.

  2. Great Post! For those that are looking, I also found really cute snack size zip lock bags with cute kiddie designs on them in the dollar bins at Target, just this past weekend 🙂

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