Spotlight Saturday Top 10

Welcome to this weeks top 10! There were some gorgeous room makeovers and tons of home decor, fun crafts, recipes, etc linked up and I had so much fun looking through them! Can’t wait to see what ya’ll link up tomorrow morning! Keep in mind that our party gets started around 7am Eastern time so go ahead and link up before you head out the yard sales! I only have to teach gymnastics for 2 more Saturday’s before schedule changes then I’m so game for yard sale-ing like crazy! 
PS. I also scored a sweet sewing desk for free on the side of the road and I painted it today! I’ll show ya next week! Promise! If you follow me on Instagram, you got a peek at it already! *winks*
Here we go for our Top 10! 
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  1. Mallory and Savannah, this is Melissa @ You girls made my day! Thank you so much for featuring my foyer! I will be back in the morning to link up some more projects! I am not going to get the chance to go to yard sales in the morning! Hope you find some great stuff!

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