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Modern Ranch Reno: Our sink is more than just a sink.

Modern Ranch Reno: Our sink is more than just a sink.

Our kitchen sink is just so much more than a sink. It’s the center of where everything happens at our house. I did this cute video of my family and the role that our kitchen sinks plays in our home. Our meal was nothing fancy and my kids were not always happy and having fun, but it is our life and I do love my life.

Elkay is a family owned company with amazing values. When we went to Chicago to visit, I was so touched that the employees had all worked there for a crazy long time. When one of the employees that we worked with at Elkay was on Maternity leave and the CEO saw her at the event and he was so happy to see her there and greeted her a big hug and asked all about the new baby and all the changes that had happened in her life. I could tell that he really did care about his employees and about the people that make the company work. There is something to be said for a company that has generations of family members working at the same place for 20+ years. I love my family and I so grateful for a company that thinks about my family and cares about family closeness and family values.

Hopefully after my video you will view the kitchen sink a little differently. Your home really is where memories are made and I am grateful for my home and the role it plays in my family.

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  1. The video is amazing! It’s so sweet to have the kids around when preparing the food and they are so willing to give a hand. I love the video so much! Our sink is just a small one. Hope someday I could manage a kitchen like yours.
    Thank you for sharing the post!

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