DIY Front Porch Makeover

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I have a small little porch near my front door and last Mother’s Day I got a cute table with four chairs. They already had the perfect natural patina. Even with the table and chairs the porch still looked bad. This is what it looked like…. its a really really bad picture but you get the idea.


It just amazes me what a difference it makes.

I used some simple burlap curtains with some ruffled polka dot trim, which I used normal cotton fabric from Joanns. It was not soft 100% cotton it was a little more stiff which was perfect because the ruffles held up good.

I got the flowers at Home Depot and the the box was a $5 thrift store find.

In AZ, there are a few people that do random home decor sales and I got the flower tower from them and the “k” sign I got from them as well!



IMG_0756My little porch redo has made me soooooo happy and my neighbors love it too!

What do you think? Am I totally crazy for putting curtains outside!?!?

Savannah Sig

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  1. Love this! I would not have thought to put curtains outside but it really makes this spot look very inviting! :):)

  2. It looks great! I don’t know if you follow the blog called Dixie Delights, but she has curtains on the outside of her house as well—on the exterior windows of her screened in porch. Take a look at hers if you haven’t already seen her site. Your porch looks so inviting!

  3. Curtains outside? LOVE IT!!! I never would have thought to do that. It makes it look very home-y, only it’s outside. I just your porch redo!

    1. i absolutely love these curtains..you are very talented..I’m going to hobby lobby tomorrow get everything i need to make these..thank you so much for sharing

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