Painted Paint Swatch Placemats

They say the first sign of an addiction is when you don’t even realize the severity of your condition. Folks… I think I’m there. My name is Charlotte (from Ciburbanity) and I’m an ombre-aholic. It’s gotten so bad that when I planned these paint swatch placemats, I didn’t even realize that they were teeecccchnically in the ombre category (duh). Well nevertheless, I love them. And I’m doing a little happy dance to share it with you lovely Classy Clutter readers!

Paint Swatch Placemats title

There are so many fun things you can do with ACTUAL paint swatches. Like here and here and here. But I love that this is a totally practical and easy way to decorate your table AND keep the dinner-time wreckage to a minimum. (Placemats for the win, amiright?)

placemat materials


  • canvas painter’s drop cloth
  • fabric glue
  • paint (pick the swatch you like, and get one sample pot per color)
  • thin tape (I used a waterproof floral tape)
  • Polycrylic to seal the paint and give the placemats some sheen for easier cleaning
  • iron

Decide what size you want your placemats and cut them at least 1/2″ larger to allow for the fold-over edges. Iron your edges and glue according to the directions. (I used fabric glue so squeezed a line of glue, let it sit for a few minutes, and folded down the edges.)

folded edge

glued edge

Divide your placemat into quadrants and tape off each section. (Or into fifths if you select a paint swatch with five colors!) Make sure to really rub in your tape edges here… you want those lines to be crispity crisp.

floral tape

pressing tape edges

I used cheap ol’ foam brushes for this, but anything will do… just be careful around those tiny little tape lines. Tip… I didn’t paint my colors in order because I didn’t want to be worried about painting over wet edges. Don’t be alarmed if your placemats get all wrinkled with the paint… they’ll flatten out with the Polycrylic!

paint foam brush

first stripes placemat

wrinkled placemats

Once these were dry, I went over the front and the back with 2+ coats of Polycrylic to help seal them.

placemats scattered

placemats table set

It’s that simple! From now on, I will be paint swatching everything… ombre is SO last month. And the month before that. But I’m totally over it.

paint swatch placemats

(Psst… I made those napkins a few weeks ago and they’re even EASIER than the placemats! Promise!)

These are soooo cool! You know how much we love paint and paint swatches!

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