My home tour and saying goodbye to New York

The time has come. Today marks my last full-day living in Buffalo, NY. We’ve loved our little journey here while my husband was in school but we are so happy to be moving home to Arizona. I thought for my last week here, it’d be fun to share a tour of my little 1100 square foot home that is being packed up right now. It’s such a bittersweet feeling to pack up a home you love and move to a new home. It’s exciting and kinda sad at the same time. I got a little emotional when I was removing the wood scallops from my Wood Scalloped Wall that Savannah and I did for Creating with the Stars last year. There are so many memories here but that wall was my favorite project we’ve ever done and my favorite room in the house. Anyway, this post will be full of lots of photos so I’ll keep my chit chat to a minimum. haha! 😉

Home Exterior 1

When your first walk in the door, you walk right into my living room. You can see the full room reveal with all the details here.

Living Room Makeover with jewel tones, black & white and gold accents - www.classyclutter.net

Living Room Makeover 3

Living Room Makeover 4

Behind the door is our little coat closet. Read all about it here.

Around the corner is our teeny tiny kitchen and breakfast nook. It’s super tiny but has served us well. Check out the makeover here.

Still one of the most popular projects on our blog, the DIY Canned Food organizer. Tutorial can be found here.

Next, my favorite room in the house. Our “master” bedroom. We put our little boys in the biggest bedroom since I have 4 of them and we took a smaller bedroom so this is our master bedroom even though it’s one of the smaller rooms. I literally had a moment when I put the wood scallops in a box. It’s just my favorite ever. You can find the tutorial for the wall here.

Master Bedroom 6

Master Bedroom Makeover form Classy Clutter Campaign Style Nightstands - Ikea Rast Hack

I love these DIY Ikea Rast hack nightstands. I just sold them to my friend and I’m really happy she likes them.

Master Bedroom Makeover form Classy Clutter

Here’s the tutorial for the DIY Marcramé Planters.

Master Bedroom Makeover form Classy Clutter

Next is our only bathroom. 6 of us share this little bathroom so while it makes for crazy mornings, I really love it!

Glam Bathroom Makeover 1

See the full bathroom makeover here.

Glam Bathroom Makeover 3

Oh man, the superhero room. I poured my heart into this makeover and really tried to capture my boys’ fun personalities while maintaining a modern / contemporary look. I love the saturated colors and let’s get real, superheroes are awesome. Check out the full Superhero Room makeover here.

Superhero Room 1 Cityscape 2 Baby Nook Superhero Room 4 Superhero Room 5

Here’s my little girly corner of the house, my Basement Craft Studio. Our unfinished basement turned into my studio for projects and running my vinyl shop, Classy Clutter Designs.

Next up, the playroom! My little dudes have made a lot of Lego creations and a LOT of memories in this little bedroom that we turned into the playroom. We won’t have a playroom at the new house but I plan on hanging the DIY Tandem Bicycle Art in the garage. I love it! Check out the playroom reveal here.

A week from today, we fly from BUF > PHX for our new adventure. We are so excited to be back in Arizona with family and friends but this little corner of Western New York will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

 Home Exterior 2

Mallory Bombshell Sig.png

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  1. Mallory!! I have sooo many thoughts about this! 1. I totally feel for you, I cry every time we move and I can’t imagine moving so far from NY!! 2. I am insanely jealous of your AZ move & counting down the days til I get there! One day! 3. Your house is stunning!!! 4. I can’t WAIT to see what projects you & Savannah can do together (in the same state! Eeek!) on your new house!! XO!! Safe travels!

  2. Every move is a little bittersweet (to me at least), even if when it’s one that you’re really excited to make. Your home is super beautiful (and I especially like the latest installment of your living room), but I’m sure you’re new home will be just as nice. I can’t imagine how you felt taking down the wood scallop wall, I would have been beside myself… it’s one of my favorite DIYs I’ve seen! I hope you all have a great move!

  3. Good luck!!! We’ll miss you on the east coast. 🙂 We’re moving tomorrow also… how crazy is that?! Three cheers to new homes and new projects! xx

  4. Your home is just BEAUTIFUL! And full of wonderful ideas and inspiration. I’m sure you’ll miss this home but I’m excited to see what you do with your next one!

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous space! I’ve been holding off on truly decorating our rental because I’ve been afraid to lose all of the hard work when we move — but you’re handling it with grace! I’ll still have to wrap my head around it 😉

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