Great Wolf Lodge AZ: Our Family’s Review!

Over the last year, I had the opportunity to take my family to Great Wolf Lodge and I’m being serious when I tell you that my kids have NOT stopped talking about it! They have several locations across the country, but the one closes to us is about 30 minutes away in Scottsdale, AZ!

Great Wolf Lodge is resort known for their AMAZING kid-friendly indoor waterpark which was the main attraction my kids were interested in! The entire resort is family friendly and filled with activities for kids of all ages. It was so much fun that my daughter asked to go back a few weeks later with a friend for her birthday.

Why is Great Wolf So Great?!

My kids are 12, 11, 8 and 5 and it can be tricky to find something that all of my kids want to do together but Great Wolf is truly so fun for the whole family. We spent most of our time at the water park because my kids never wanted to leave! This water park is next level with slides and crazy water features.

When we wanted a break, we hung around the pool and ordered snacks and fun drinks which is always a special treat.

In addition to the water park, they have:

  • Rock climbing
  • Bowling
  • Mini golf
  • Arcades
  • and a Ropes Course!

We stayed for 2 nights and were busy the entire time trying to pack it all in!

How much did it cost?

The pricing of Great Wolf Lodge AZ truly depends on when you book. You can expect a suite to be a few hundred dollars per night ($200-$400). It is obviously not an inexpensive trip, but while traveling was limited over the last year, we thought this was a well worth it splurge!

The extra attractions were also an added cost.

  • The rock wall was about $8 per kid which I thought was reasonable.
  • The ropes course (which my kids LOVED) was $15 per person.

Of course, snacks and food while you’re at a resort are always a bit more than a typical restaurant, but nothing was unreasonable!

Great Wolf Lodge AZ Room Options

They had so many options in regard to rooms here! It felt nice to know that we could find something that would fit for our larger family because that is often an issue with hotels.

If you can, I would highly recommend a theme suite! You can choose from wolf den themed rooms or kid cabin themed rooms. These themed rooms are adorable because they create a special area just for your kids but allowing everyone their own personal space.

What is included in your stay?

The only attraction that is included in the waterpark. If you’re staying for one night – that is all you would need. There is so much to do at the waterpark that it took up most of our time.

It is tricky to walk past the other attractions (like the ropes course) and not give a try. I would probably budget for 1 or 2 extra things so you get the full experience.

Is it clean? Were you comfortable during the pandemic?

In short – yes! They have you take a wellness questionnaire upon arrival, ensure everyone is masked up, provide sanitation options throughout the resort, and they minimized your surface contact by allowing you to do everything through your phone.


Dining at the Great Wolf Lodge AZ

Sometimes I feel like family friendly places don’t have the best food but I was pleasantly surprised! They have several different restaurants and we tried a few. Our favorite was Timbers Tacos and we ate there twice during our stay. You could venture out of the hotel for more options but honestly, you don’t need to.

Ready, Set, Book!

Are you sold on the Great Wolf Lodge AZ yet!? I hope so! I could go on and on about this place forever. Your family deserves a fun get away this summer and they deserve to feel safe as well! Have you been there yet? Let me know what your favorite part was!

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