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Modern Ranch Reno: Paint Colors and the Best Decision I Made on my House

Making decisions can be really hard. I have made some bad decisions and I made some really good ones. One of the very very best decisions was having my walls and ceilings texture smoothed out. It was not a decisions that was made lightly. It is pretty pricey and it makes a HUGE mess. But it was one millions percent worth it!!!!  But before that happened we had to remove the wallpaper. I have a few tips to remove wallpaper and I will share that a bit later. Another really big decisions is paint colors. Paint colors is really really hard. I got some of my samples of my favorite paint colors from my last house and they just did not work in the new house, I also looked up some of my favorite bloggers favorite paint colors and because lighting is way different and everyones house is so different paint colors look different in everyone house and everyones space. This is way paint colors can be so tricky. I really loved what colors we ended up with but first lets go back to the smooth textured walls before we talk more about paint colors.

The first thing we have to do in the new house before we worried about the texture on the walls was remove all the wallpaper.

I am going to do a full post on my few tips about removing wallpaper. Its crappy job!!

The BEST decision on our house:


Doing the smooth texture is really really messy and its a CRAZY amount of work. We were able to hire this job out and it was not cheap but very Very VERY worth it!!! I have a friend that was remodeling her house around the same time and she has said to me many times that she wishes that she would have done the smooth texture. When we were putting together our budget for everything that we wanted to do in the house before we moved in I thought for sure that smoothing out the texture was out of the question. We went back and forth for a while and we decided that if we were going to do the smooth texture then this was the time. It was not something that we wanted to do while we lived there it makes way to big of a mess.

So we went forward and we had a crew of people do the all the walls and also all the ceilings. We also had them do some of the repairs from adding in different lighting and also we put up a wall to frame up the babies new room and they did the drywall work on that wall too. It took the crew 12 days to do all of work.

You can see that EVERYTHING was covered in the fine white dust when they were smoothing out the drywall.

After the drywall crew was done we cleaned everything up then it was time for paint.

The new drywall texture needed to be sealed with a special PVA drywall sealer so we hire a paint crew to come in and do the sealer and also a fresh coat throughout the whole house. The same crew also painted all the doors inside the house.

I am so glad that we did this! It was 100% worth the money.

I know that I could have totally painted every wall in the house but I hate painting ceilings and the paint crew came in and prepped and painted the whole interior very quickly.

They taped off everything off in one afternoon,

then they did the sealer the next day,

and then the third day they painted the final coats of everything.

My House Paint Colors

The paint colors that I went with for the whole house was….

I did the Extra White by Sherwin Williams for all the doors and the ceilings but I did a Satin Finish for the doors and I did a Flat finish for the ceiling. For all the base and trim I did Ultra Pure White by Behr. Then on all the walls I did a very light grey color called Rhinestone in a Satin finish. I LOVE LOVE my paint colors!!!

The Black color I used at first was Sherwin Williams Inkwell I do like the color but it’s not a super deep black… it’s more of a really really dark charcoal color. It was not quite dark enough for me so I have recently repainted them with our go to black which is Carbon by Behr.

Later this week I am going to share my tips for removing wallpaper so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Paint colors at a glance

Wall colors- SW Rhinestone

Doors- SW Extra White

Trim and Base- Ultra Pure White by Behr

Black Door- Carbon by Behr

Ryders Room- Black evergreen by Behr

Master Bedroom- Wanderlust by Behr

Master Closet- Starless Night

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