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Easy DIY Octagon Table and How to Paint Laminate

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

I’m super excited to share my new, easy DIY Octagon Table and how to paint laminate with you guys. When I say new, I mean, like I got it 6 months ago. I got a hexagon claw foot table from craigslist and gave it a full makeover. The table top is laminate so I’m going to show you my fool proof tips for painting laminate!

Supplies for painting laminate:

I don’t have a full before photo but it looked like this.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 7.03.09 PM

First thing I did was take the table legs off and prop it up on some old barstools.

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

I wiped the entire thing down with an old t-shirt and Krud Kutter. This stuff cuts down the glossy finish and gets it all prepped for sanding. It claims to increase adhesion without sanding but when you’re painting laminate I feel like, you still have to sand. All the prep work ensures great adhesion of paint. DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

Next, I sanded the table with a medium grit sandpaper and took off all of the wood veneer print. Then, I resanded it with a fine grit. I wiped it down completely with a damp cloth and let it dry. You could/should use tack cloth to wipe up excess sanding dust.

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

I taped off the edges because I didn’t want the to paint them.

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

I rolled on 2 coats of primer (let them dry thoroughly in between).

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

Next, I moved the table into my garage so it didn’t get attacked by the sprinklers. I rolled on 3 coats of paint, letting each coat each dry thoroughly in between.

DIY Hexagon Table

Finally I screwed on the hairpins legs. I got these ones from Second Chance Pallet.

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

DIY Hexagon Table - Click for tutorial

I absolutely love this table and the laminate has held up remarkably for the last 6 months! I love the size and I love the chairs and the rug and the light and… I love it all! What do you think!?

Mallory Bombshell Sig.png

DIY Hexagon Table & how to paint laminate! Click for tutorial!

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  1. I almost went and bought an overpriced dining table but decided to make it on my own. I’m not an expert carpenter by any means but these plans made it easy: http://www.bestquicktips.com/easy-wood-plans.

    They have saved me tons of money. The last couple of days the plans have also showed me how to make a few wooden toys for my daughter!

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