Chalkboard Lettering the EASY Way!

I have wanted to learn how to do the chalkboard typography FOREVER now!
But lets be honest its a true art form and it takes real artist to do it!
So I cheated a bit…
I used my Projector to create this chalkboard artwork!
People listen VERY CAREFULLY… Every person needs a PROJECTOR 
in there craft supplies!
I have used my projector in sooooo many ways!!!!!
And many friends have borrowed it… you will not be sorry if you make this purchase!
Brand new they are around $300… check out craigslist for overhead projector… they are out there!
I got mine for $25 dollars and the guy even sold me the transparencies paper for $10 
(which at the store its around $40)
Now back to this chalkboard lettering!
This is what you will need:
1. Projector
2. Transparencies paper 
( I had to take out all my paper in my printer and only load transparencies paper in order for my printer to print on it)
3. Frame with glass
(got mine at goodwill for $3)
4. Chalkboard Paint
5. Spray Paint 
6. Bistro Chalk Markers 
(got mine at Hobby Lobby)

First, I got my Chalkboard ready.
Simple spray painted the frame white, then spray painted the glass with the chalkboard paint.
The chalkboard paint has to set for 24 hours before writing on!

Then I printed this saying that I created in photoshop onto transparencies paper

Then the fun begun… I had to use a laundry basket to prop up my frame, 
that way I was not killing my back!
 Then simply just projected the image onto the chalkboard.

I started to trace away. I used the bistro chalk pens because its more like a marker so the lines were a little cleaner. If I wanted a little more of a chalky look I would just trace over it again after it was dry. At first I was filling in the letters but then I realized it would be WAY faster to just do the outline of the letters and then fill in later, while I was sitting more comfortable on my couch watching one of my many shows. 

It took about 20 minutes to do the outline of my letters, then another 5 minutes to fill in letters.
Start to finish it was around 30 mins but soooo worth it!

About half way through I started to get a lot faster… I know the more signs I do I will get faster and better with each one.
The possibilities are endless with this project.. Cute photo props, birthday party signs, holiday sayings, menus at a party and so much more! 
I could not be happier with how it turned out and I know I will be created many more signs to come!
I will post other saying I create in later post!

What do you think?

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  1. WOW! Love this. I helped a friend hunt down a projector last year and I’ve been itching for a good deal on one myself.. I guess I better start looking because this project has me inspired. Thanks for sharing your little trick 🙂

  2. Agreed! The overhead projector is an artists BFF. I have cheated my way through many a mural b/c of my trust projector. His name is Hector, b/c I live in Central America and the j in projector is an h sound. Hector the prohector. I love the fonts you chose. xoxo

  3. I love love love your Chalkboard Art – that font is delicious. I have a confession to make – I bought a different kind of projector hoping to do the same thing, it came in a box with no directions and I haven’t even figured out how to use it. If anyone has any experience, I’d love to hear it.

  4. Great job. It turned out so well.
    I have a little projector type thing that you sit on top of an image and it projects that image onto whatever you want. It was quite inexpensive but works pretty well. Craft stores have them.

  5. I’ve always wondered how I could get a pretty chalkboard, cuz my handwriting is atrocious! Can’t wait to make this for my daughters upcoming birthday party! Now i’m off to scour craigslist for a projector! THanks so much Savannah! oh, and ps- my daughter was looking over my shoulder just now, and said, “I love those beautiful girls mom!” She’s right, you girls are beautiful!

  6. Love it, just got my overhead projector from a garage sale $1 yes $1…I did have to order a bulb off of ebay for $7.99 (shipped) but well worth $9. I’m so going to try this. Thanks

  7. How clever! And just a tip but many libraries rent out older equipment like this for free =) I know my library does so definitely going to put the projector to use! Thanks for sharing =)

  8. This makes me believe I could actually have and DO a chalkboard! I bought a craft projector some time ago, but Grandkids use it alot, but I hope it works for this!!

  9. As a teacher, I used projectors and chalkboards for years. Then Mimio and Promethean digital projection boards replaced them. What a great idea for something to do with an old-school projector. Throwing back to old school with chalkboard and projector!

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