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Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party

 My Sister Scarlett threw a Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Partyfor her 5 year old son Crew. Since girls were invited she threw Tinkerbell into the mix.

PicMonkey Collage This was the entrance into her backyard.


 Using my projector I chalked up this cute sign.


 Also using the projector we cut out these cute silhouettes. Scarlett got the black paper at a teaching store on Gilbert and Southern in Mesa, AZ.


Scarlett also hand painted these cute signs. Her friend Jamie helped her out with the mermaid sign.


The food table turned out darling. Scarlett went on to Etsy and ordered two different party packages

for the invite, Happy Birthday sign, Bag labels, Food Labels, Etc.

These labels really really added to the party.







My Mom made these awesome Ship Sugar Cookies.


The Party had different stations. All having to do with Peter Pan.

Each station had something fun for the kids.

The first station was Pirates Cove


  For this station it was a plastic pool filled with sand and treasures. Everything from necklaces, coins and rings. Each child was allowed 10 seconds to gather as much stuff as possible.


 The next station was this cute walk the plank. With a blow up alligator of coarse!


 Captain Hook on the back wall was also traced and cut out using my projector.


This is the birthday boy Crew, he rocked at the plank walk!

At Pixie Hollow is where the kids got all dressed up. Green wings were found at the dollar store and the Peter Pan hats were found online.



 Each child was also sent home with a bottle of Pixie Dust.


 Mermaid Lagoon was soooo fun. We cut out Mermaid fins out of some fabric I had at my house and then fabric glued them onto a pillow case. If we would have had more time we would have sewn on the fins to the pillow case.The kids had a gunny sack race. It was a blast. Probably my favorite station and the kids loved it. Bubble machines were going in the spirit of the mermaids.



 This Teepee is my baby! I spent many hours on this thing. It was so easy to put together the harddest part was all the detail we wanted on it. The cream fabric was 5 yards of muslim. My hubby screwed the top of the teepee together so it would stay together. Then we simply used a staple gun to staple the fabric onto the wood. The important part was to keep the fabric tight while stapling.IMG_0475

 I hand stitched the Red pendents on and the yellow zig zag on as well. The rest was glued on with fabric glue.

It worked like a charm. If we would not have changed our minds a million times it would have been quicker.


 At the Indian Camp the kids made cute feather hats.


 Then the kids played follow the leader around the yard. With the birthday boy as a leader.


Scarlett threw such a great party! It was a blast and I was lucky to be able to help and be involved a little bit!

Crew is a lucky boy!


What is the theme of your next Party? I would love to hear about it!

Much Love,


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  1. oh! my ! what a cool party, I love everything about it! Scarlett did an amazing job! 🙂 We are planning a party for my soon-to-be 2 year old boy for May 19th/20th; we choose the “spiderman” theme! 🙂

  2. WOW!!! What great ideas. My little guy is in love with Peter Pan and we’re thinking about a Neverland/Peter Pan party for him and have been looking over the web for some fun ideas. Your sister did such a wonderful job. Just awesome!

  3. I am doing Tinker Bell and Peter Pan for my kindergarten classroom theme to go with my Magnet Arts School’s theme for this year, Once Upon a Time. I would love to know how you did the Peter Pan Hats and your tags. Maybe you purchased them. Your home environment looks like Miami. Thank you, Patti

  4. Hi! My little girl Scarlett turns four in a few weeks and we have a Peter Pan birthday set for three weeks from now. I was searching on Pinterest for some cute ideas and came upon this blog post….. I live in Tempe AZ…. You mentioned an AZ shop so thinking you might be relatively close by! Wondering if you guys saved any of your cute decor that could be borrowed or rented?! Lmk! Thanks!

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