A quick and easy way to rhinestone shoes!

I have always loved sparkle in my life. I wanted to jazz up some of my girls flip flops for the summer.

I ordered some size 16ss rhinestones from www.rhinestoneshop.com
He ships very quick and he is the cheapest I have seen. 
I used about 1 gross (144 rhinestones) per pair of shoes.

You will also need:
 Beeswax (I ordered This Starter Kit)
 Wood stick
Put a little bit of rolled up beeswax on the end of the stick
Use the other end of the stick to apply E-6000 on to the shoe.
(I normally put some of the E-6000 on to a plate, so I can do a little bit of glue at a time)
Don’t use to much glue or it will get all over the rhinestones and make them “cloudy” or dirty.
Use the beeswax on the stick to pick up the rhinestone and put them in place.
I did a cute flower design on the pink shoes and then I covered the silver shoes in crystal rhinestones. 
With this technique I can bust out a pair of shoes in about 15 mins!
If you are short on rhinestones, get a cute ribbon make a bow, then rhinestone a button for the center. Hot glue the bow onto the top of the shoe and you are good to go!
I love being able to dress up a pair of plain Old Navy flip flops!

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  1. Hey Mallory and Savannah this is a great DIY project and thank you for using Rhinestone Shop. We love highlighting great ideas and projects like these on our blog. We would love to possibly highlight another one of these great projects on our blog. Please let me know if you might be interested!

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