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Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink and Gold Accents

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Do you need some White Christmas tree ideas? I have always wanted a flocked Christmas tree and this year I did a flocked Christmas tree with pale pink accents. I want to share all the details on how I did this White Christmas tree.

I love having a flocked Christmas tree. This is the first time I have ever had one. I wanted to share my white Christmas tree ideas. When I was shopping for items to go onto my tree I kept my color scheme in mind and I went to JOANN and I found the most amazing stuff.

Tips when buying Materials for a White Christmas tree

I like to buy my ornaments and spray/picks in odd numbers. I normally get 5 of each item. Here is a list of everything I used to decorate my flocked Christmas tree.


Tip: What to do after you buy everything for your flocked Christmas Tree

After I got home from JOANN with everything I need to trim my tree, I started by laying out everything on the ground and organized it into piles.

I like to see everything before I start putting anything on the tree.


How to Trim out a Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink Accents
How to trim out your Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink Accents

Step 1: Start with the largest items first

When we are decorating our trees we like to go for a few oversized pieces to start. These pieces could be signs, florals, little houses, toy cars, picture frames or giant ornaments.

With this tree I started with these Blooming Holiday Christmas 27” Hydrangea Stem with Snow-White & Pink .

I even added a few of the Blooming Holiday Christmas 40” Magnolia Spray with Snow-Pink to the top of the tree.

For a few more large items I added in the Maker’s Holiday Christmas Tis the Season Die Cut Wall Decor, and a few Maker’s Holiday Christmas House Ornament-Silver

How to Trim out a Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink Accents

Step 2: Use branches and picks/sprays to top off the tree

Although it not super traditional to not have a star at the top of the tree I wanted the top of this tree to be a bit more dramatic. I used several different lengths and textures of sprays to add to the top of this tree. I left the branches long so that I could the wedge the sprays right into the top of the tree and everything would stay into place.

How to Trim out a Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink Accents

How to Trim out a Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink Accents

Step 3: Add in the fill pieces

After the top is done and the big items are in place I then went in and added in some filler pieces. Which were Maker’s Holiday Christmas Holiday Charm Sequin Globe Ornament-Pink and some of these cute and colorful ornaments Maker’s Holiday 50 pk 60 mm Shatterproof Ornaments-BluePink & Gold and some Maker’s Holiday Christmas Holiday Charm 33 pk Shatterproof Ornaments and Blooming Holiday Christmas 25” Antler Stem-Rose Gold.

White Christmas tree Ideas

Step 4: The final touches

I added in these two different ribbons Maker’s Holiday Christmas Mesh Ribbon 2.5”x25′-Pink Glitter and Maker’s Holiday Christmas Glitter Mesh Ribbon 4”X40′-Gold 

I used some thin wire to make some bows with the ribbon and I placed a few of the bows into the tree. I love the texture that the bows added to the tree. The bows can add a dramatic touch without having ribbon around the whole tree.

Flocked Christmas tree with gold and pink


Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas

Gold and Pink Christmas tree

White Christmas tree ideas

Step 5: Enjoy!

I love how this tree turned out. I love the different sizes and shapes of everything and I love how it came together!Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas with gold and pink

Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas with Pink

Be sure to go to your nearest JOANN store to get everything that you need to trim out your Christmas tree.

Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas

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  1. Oh my! This is one of the most beautiful trees I’ve seen! Y’all are truly so talented! I really am curious as to how you set up the skirt so that tree root(?) doesn’t show? I always feel like it can look bare and awkward down there.

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