18 Great Valentine Gift Ideas For Him

18 Great Gift Ideas For Him

Valentines Day is almost here and I have put a few of my favorite Valentines gift Ideas for him below! Some years it is so hard for me to think of a good but simple gift that my husband will actually use, but this year I have lots of ideas. These ideas I know he would use so its a plus! Check them all out and let us know what your favorite idea is.

What I love About Us Journal

So I filled this journal out for my husband for Christmas and he LOVED it. He said it was his favorite Christmas gift because it meant so much.

Engraved Pocket Knife

Charging Dock

Who wouldn’t love this docking station. You can charge all your items in 1 place. Its simple, nice, and clean.

9 Mixed Nuts and Seeds Variety Gift Basket

Car Portable USB Diffuser Essential Oils

Beard Cape

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

My husband loves a hot breakfast but I don’t love getting up every morning to make him something and so this is the perfect gift for him! It is simple enough that he can make his own breakfast and enjoy a yummy breakfast.

Electric Razor

Cell Phone Magnetic Car 

Everyone needs this.

BBQ Grill Utensil Tools Set

Bluetooth Beanie

Hangry Kit

Clarisonic Alpha FIT Men’s Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System

Tile Mate

I love these things and my husband definitely needs one.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Amazon Firestick

These are amazing and its a win win because you can befit from this gift as well!

Magnetic Wristband 

Mens Silicone Wedding Ring Bands

These are perfect for the gym or if your husbands plays sports or does a lot of handy work!


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  1. Fun, fun, fun ideas. We actually have that Breakfast Maker…..I think we used it twice and it is now relegated to the “had-to-have-it pile of appliances. lol
    Have a great weekend- Diana

  2. great list of practical gifts . I’m too late for Valentines but there are a couple on there that I’ll definitely put on his birthday list.

  3. I adore these tips for sprucing up a washroom. The majority of the pictures are rousing. I need to add a Moroccan styled carpet to our washroom and new handles. I realize these will thoroughly refresh the vibe of the room!

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