Kitchen Organization Tips and Tricks

You may have heard my comment errr… kind of complain a bit that my kitchen is tiny! It has been a challenge to keep it organized because we are so short on storage. We’ve really had to find the best ways to store things so we can fit enough food, cookware, utensils, appliances, etc for our family of 5 (almost 6!). Here are some of the best and most efficient kitchen organization tips and tricks I’ve found and loved.

DIY Canned Food Organizer / Rolling Pantry

Cabinet Organization Tips and Tricks


10 Steps to a Clean and Organized fridge

Utilize hidden storage space inside your cabinet doors

Use baskets, bins and jars and labels to keep an inventory of food

Get creative in organizing the dreaded pots and pans cabinet

Store frequently used items in an accessible place

Repurpose an old magazine rack to store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.

Clear fridge clutter with this Hidden Kitchen Organizer inside of a cabinet.

Use a shoe organizer inside of a cabinet to store cleaning supplies

How to organize under the kitchen sink

Organize measuring cups and spoons on the inside of your cabinet

12 Creative Kitchen Organization Tips & Tricks

You can also check out 5 ways to make your kitchen look and feel larger!

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  1. I love your site. I am an organizational fanatic so this is right up my alley. Thanks for offering all this brilliant ideas.

  2. I love these ideas! So simple and cheap too! I am writing a series on organizing for the New Year and will be referencing this post. Check yourself out there!

    1. Another tip: In many kitchens, there is a space between the stove & wall or between a cabinet and stove. All kinds of things fall in this gap in addition to dirt. Correct this problem-1) Create a cupboard by using both the appliance, the floor, the back wall, & the other wall on the right, for example. 2) Make a top of cabinet by measuring the distance between the appliance & wall, 3) Now make a wood frame to hold a narrow thin, door-
      (made out of plywood) frame for a handmade door, 4) Attach 2 or 3 small hinges, 5) The frame can be painted or stained, 6) The frame on the front will act as the 4th wall. As this cupboard wouldn’t have to take a super amount of abuse, the frame doesn’t need to be super heavy 7) Great way for storing a hand broom & dust pan. Then, it is always at your finger tips & not buried in your closet with your regular sized broom, dust pan, & vacuum cleaner. 8) Granted when pulling out the appliance, it will have to be pulled out very slowly & straight out but this is now very rare. **** To add to this, make a narrow piece of wood to just lay between the back of the stove & wall. No frame is needed as the stove and wall holds it in place. All you need to remember is not to place anything heavy, if anything at all on this shelf & when removing the stove for servicing or cleaning purpose, remove the shelf first. Makes a huge difference in the kitchen.

  3. Great tips. I love baskets as organizing tools. They are very effective and look crafty too. I can see you are using vertical metal dividers for baking pans and cookware lids. You may also check out pull.out cookware organizer. They work magic! 🙂

  4. Great organizing tips. I love the DIY canned goods organizer. I think I’m going to make one but mine would be installed in my supplies pantry. Do you have a pattern/framework for it? Thanks!

  5. I love the look of the rolling pantry! I can imagine a bunch of them together, like sideways drawers. I think it would look really cool to have a bunch of rolling pantries right next to each other.

  6. I like that there are so many tips here! Linking to other articles is smart, saves a lot of room, which makes people want to read more. I need to look at the one about organizing cabinets too.

  7. I like how well you’ve used your tiny space. The cabinets are well organized and everything has a place, which I know is hard to do when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Where did you get that pan divider that you have in one of your cabinets? It looks like it would come in handy.

  8. Thanks for the kitchen organization and storage tips. I plan on using a lot more storage bins to keep my things organized and out of site. Using wire racks to hold up baking sheets is a really good idea too.

  9. I agree that you should utilize the hidden space in your cabinets. I think most people leave the upper levels of their cabinets empty because they cannot reach them. It would be more effective, though, if they would simply keep a step-stool in their kitchen.

  10. Wowwww. Just amazing kitchen organizing ideas. Bookmarked the post and keep those in my brain. Just wanna give you a big thanks for sharing such an awesome post

  11. That sounds like a great idea! I should do that because I have a lot in the freezer. What ends up happening is I forget to set things out to thaw and just go to the store and get it fresh because I don’t want to wait. The defrost on the microwave usually ends up cooking the food a little.

  12. I like that there are so many tips here! I loved your blog, Using wire racks to hold up baking sheets is a really good idea too.It would be more effective, though, if they would simply keep a step-stool in their kitchen.

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