Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Savannah’s mom hired us to do some organizing, cleaning and labeling of her new and improved pantry! She had it gutted and remodeled when her house caught fire in November. Sad, sad story btw! Don’t worry, it has a fairy tale ending. We’ll tell you later! Don’t worry!

Pantry Makeover and Organizing Ideas - www.classyclutter.net

We don’t have a before pic… but you can imagine it… basically, it was a typical large builder pantry with nice and big shelving… it was pretty cluttered and needed some organization….. and then the roof caught on fire. Pretty picture eh? The first caused so much damage that a lot of the home had to be redone. So sad!
ENTER the Organizing expertise of Mallory and Savannah!


Do you remember our Happy Birthday Plaque??

This lady has more chips than a candy store! I LOVED labeling all the yummy goodness!


She also has the biggest assortment of sprinkles ever!!! All I wanted was a chocolate sundae and ALL THESE SPRINKLES! I think we labeled about 15 different ones.

I wish I had all these cute aprons! I only have one! 🙁

Bins with Tags and Jars with Labels, Oh MY!

We used these same labels on Savannah’s kitchen pantry too!

Pantry Makeover and Organizing Ideas - www.classyclutter.net
So what do you think!?
Ahhh! I can’t wait ’til the day I have a BIG PRETTY PANTRY!

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  1. Wow! That is one awesome pantry! I would also love to know where you got the containers on the top shelf – they look like gum drop machines. Fabulous job!

  2. This is an awesome pantry! We don’t have one in our current house, and I sure miss one. We do have a cold room / refrigirator room ( I really don’t know what this is called in english, but in norwegian it’s called a kjølerom. )
    I agreee with Jenn, and would also love to know where she / you got those containers for nuts and other things. They look awesome.

  3. I linked from another blog to yours, I think I am in love with this pantry, I have never had a offical pantry and would give anything for one

  4. ok, pantry envy~! it’s gorgeous and fun…and I want some of those chocolate chips!

  5. Okay, I seriously love this gal’s pantry. I am an organizing freak and love all the organizational lovely bits that went into this. She loves to cook, bake and can. What’s not to love.
    I only have one apron and it isn’t half as cute as one of those she has hangings. Great job on the organization.

  6. AMAZING! I am so inspired! This looks incredible! Love the gum/candy dispensers! Where did you get them?

  7. I just love a pretty pantry! And the apron storage looks so great too.

    Warmly, Michelle

  8. I wish I had that much space in my pantry! This is beautiful. I wouldn’t mind using that beautiful pantry on an every day basis! Although I am sorry to hear about the fire, the end result is fantastic! Great job!!

  9. I want that pantry. Seriously, it is so wonderful. I am green with envy over the walk in pantry you got to organize here. I just bought an old house that doesn’t have any sort of pantry to speak of and I hope to have a small cupboard/cabinet pantry built in an empty corner before I move in. I hope I will be able to use some of your ideas and tweak them for my tiny kitchen.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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