Classy Clutter Launch Party

We are excited to finally share with you some of the details and the videos of our Classy Clutter collection launch party. This was the night that we will always remember and a night where we cannot express how much your love and your support means to us. Because of the Classy Clutter blog we have been able to do so many cool and awesome things. It has opened the doors to so many different opportunities and so many different friendships. This is honestly a dream come true for us!

Classy Clutter Signature Collection

In September, Mallory and myself launched the Classy Clutter Signature Collection. We planned an event at my home where we opened the doors to so many different friends and loved ones. To see our collection you can check out THIS POST HERE or you can shop at When it came to the actual launch party we had so many loose ends to tie up at my house before we were ready to open the doors to everyone. 

Hiring an event planner

Since our focus was on house projects instead of planning the actual event. We turned over the actual event to Debbie Anderson @debbieandersonweddings and she was able to work out all of the details and turn this party into a real put together event. She made it so easy for us.

She planned everything, she coordinated the event rentals and planned everything from the photo booth down to the gold glitter and sparkling cider for a toast at the end. When we met with Debbie to go over our hopes and dreams for the party she came up with things that we never would’ve thought of. Like the really cool Classy Clutter backdrop that we used for the photo booth,

how to fit everyone in the house,

the line to buy things,

and all the things to have a great night.

She also arrange some swag for our guest to take home with them.

When we were talking to her about the event we explained to her how we wanted the party to reflect our brand and our collection she was able to do everything to match the collection and also the vision that we have for our brand.

We definitely could not have done it without her. Because she was running the event she also keep things on track and on time, like the giveaways,

and prizes and everything else.

She dealt with everything that came up so that we could just enjoy the party. She is amazing and we just love her!

Event rentals and DJ

Like I said before our focus was on finishing up some last-minute projects before the event and so when it came to renting different things to help decorate for the party we wanted to completely turn it over to someone. Debbie was able to arrange and rent out everything we needed from The Event Co @theeventco They came the morning of the party with a team of several people and they put up fun amazing lights that go over my pool,

set up all of the tables and chairs, and set up a food station and also set up for the DJ.

In just a couple of hours my backyard is transformed into a perfect event space. 

When the event was over and they came and cleaned up everything, which was a game changer, we were all sooo tired by the end of the night and it was so great to be able to turn over the clean up to them.


I could just cry thinking about the love and support that I have had from my mom throughout my life.

She is truly one of mine and Mallory‘s biggest cheerleaders. When it came to the food I knew I had nothing to worry about handing that part over to my mom. My mom throughout my whole entire life has had different catering jobs and cooking jobs. She owns Elizabeth Banks catering company @elizabethbankscatering and she does such an amazing job.

When it came to the refreshments for the event she knew exactly what to do.

Her team of amazing women came and helped at the event making all sorts of fun mocktails with cotton candy and sugared glasses.

You have not lived until you’ve tasted my mom’s food. 

 If you have an event, wedding or party she is your girl and she will do an amazing job. Love you so much mom!


Dessert is always a must! Years ago my brother Hunter had this grand idea of opening up a cookie and ice cream food truck.

My parents and my sister Scarlett from @madeitateitlovedit now own the Hot Cookie Truck and you can schedule it for events and parties all around Arizona.

So when it came to dessert it was our first choice. The hot cookie and ice cream is the perfect combo and one of our all time favorite desserts and we were so happy to have them at our launch party.

 Lucky for you Arizona people the Hot Cookie truck also goes to different public events and as well as private events and you can find their schedule on their Instagram @HotCookieTruck.


We wanted to be able to relive this night and event as many times as we wanted to so a videographer was so important to us. We have worked with Ashlie Jeanne Films @ashliejeannefilms on many different projects and events and so we definitely wanted her to be there to capture all of the great experiences that we had throughout the night.

We were grateful that she was able to capture us meeting so many new friends and chatting and catching up with so many old friends. 

We were so lucky to also be able to have Nate Anderson and Slade of @stannumproductions came and do an awesome video of the night. We loved that they were able to get drone shots and different angles of the night as it unfolded. We have since then also hired them for Mallory‘s brother-in-law‘s wedding. We love being able to support these talented high school students in living and pursuing their dream. Nothing makes us more excited for the future than seeing hard-working young kids just go for it and have passion for what they do. We are exciting to see what the future holds for them.


When Brittney Gurr photo announced that she was no longer going to be taking any more pictures and she was “retiring” we both died a little inside.

But because Of our long history together as friends ( like elementary days, I was so jealous of her athletic skills and the fact that the boys always wanted to hang out with her and I was the annoying one on the side of the basketball court bugging everyone) we pretty much begged and pleaded for her to come to the event and take pictures for us.

And because we left her no choice she came and she took pictures for us and we could not be more grateful for her. 

We do not even understand how she does it, but she is a wizard and the amount of feeling and emotions that she can get in a picture is just unreal and we just love her and her talents.

Products for sale at the event 

We are so beyond grateful for our dear friend Teisha and Brittany they came down from Utah for our event.

They had no idea what they were in for. Teisha and Brittany helped us get this whole collection started and work through all of the details with us. And when it came to the event they worked the entire time selling our products in the collection to everyone that walked through the door.

When we decided to have a few products for sale we had no idea the amount of people that would actually come and buy our collection at the launch party. And Teisha and Brittany were able to navigate through the lines of people and also were able to answer so many questions about the collection so that Mallory and myself could just enjoy the evening. We love you girls and would not have been able to do it with out you.

We cannot thank you enough… 

Lastly, we want to thank you!

Thank you for being patient with us, thank you for supporting us, thank you for being our biggest cheerleaders and thank you for the love that you show us each and every day.

We truly do put our heart and soul into everything we do and you make all of the hard work worth it. We love that we get to do what we do every single day.

And a big thanks to our dear friend Charlotte from @atcharlotteshouse for these fun T-Shirts and the @thesaturdayshoppe for helping her pull off this fun surprise.

And a special thank you to our husbands. They put up with a lot from us and they are so supportive and encourage us to dream big and reach for the stars.

So thank you for not only being so supportive of this collection but also being so supportive of Mallory and myself we love you from the bottom of our hearts and we are excited to share with you the new things we have in store for you and for Classy Clutter.

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  1. Beautiful!! I didn’t even know you had a YouTube channel! I’m subscribed now and I can’t wait to see more classy clutter content!

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