Totally Inspired Tuesday by Mallory

So, you know Miss Mustard Seed
Of course you do! You know her blog, you love it, you want everything she does, you wish you lived closer so you could shop MMS Interiors at Luckett’s everyday?? 
Me too!
Miss Mustard Seed is a daily read for me and NEVER fails to inspire! 
This past weekend, we were loading up everything we can’t haul to New York when we move (in 6 weeks!!-gasp!!) and headed to donate some things we couldn’t take along…ANNNDDD… There was a line a mile long to donate so we pulled up and waited our turn. After a good minute or so, I spotted in the truck RIGHT in front of me, two GORGEOUS dressers! 
This man in front of me was just giving them away?? okay…”Donating.” -whatever!
I asked my sweet hubby to hop out of our truck and ask him if we could have it! 
He just laughed at me and rolled his eyes. Surprising eh? 
“You can’t do that babe! He’s donating it!” he said.
“Yeah, but I donate and shop here ALL time time! He hasn’t donated it yet!” 
(don’t judge me too much! *wink*)  
I beegggged one more time and the hubbs gave in… and the man said YES! The sweet man even helped us load it into my truck, I made my donation and off we went! 
Capital S.core!!!!!  I was seriously smiling ear to ear!
Enter Miss Mustard Seed for inspiration!! 
Here’s what I’ve got to work with…

I’m gonna pretend I’m a pro and try to recreate something similar to this! I am absolutely in *love* with this piece! I am soooo glad Miss Mustard Seed, Marian, decided to paint it! 
Mine even has some detail on the side that I LOOOOVE! Stay tuned as I try to recreate my version of this beauty! 
And thank YOU Miss Mustard Seed for your always inspiring blog! 

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  1. Wow! You are a lucky girl. I searched and searched for my dresser that looks similar to yours. I can’t wait to see what you do to yours!

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