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Spring Cleaning Kitchen Checklist

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It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning is in full swing around here now that the kids have gone back to school after spring break. As you may know, we recently renovated our kitchen and man, renovations can get dusty and messy in a hurry! Now is the perfect time for me to do my kitchen spring cleaning, and I’m excited to share my tips and kitchen cleaning routine with you.



The first thing that always gets messy and out of hand at our house is our refrigerator and freezer. The first thing I like to do is go through and dispose of all expired products. I definitely don’t need three ketchup bottles that are half-full, so I like to consolidate things that I have multiples of and dispose of empty containers or things that are expired. We use Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ for the entire job. They clean and feel like cloth and are super strong and absorbent. They are strong enough to tackle the sticky jelly that inevitably ends up on refrigerator shelves. I use them to wipe down all the glass and the outside of my refrigerator.

I also love that these paper towels are white without a pattern so they blend nicely into my decor. For spring cleaning, be sure to take everything out, give it a good wipe down, inside and out with Viva Multi-Surface Cloth and replace your food and drinks inside. Repeat this process on your freezer, microwave and oven.


Tidy Cabinets and Drawers

I recently did this step during our renovation but during spring cleaning, we like to go through each cabinet and tidy each space. Combine like items and toss or donate items that aren’t often used, broken or missing parts. Think tupperware lids and old water bottles.

Wipe out cabinets

I didn’t really need to do this step since our cabinets are brand-new and I recently cleaned them all before organizing all of our dishes but normally for spring cleaning, I like to take everything out of each cabinet and to give them each a good wipe down. The lower cabinets even benefit from being vacuumed out with a hose attachment to get hard to reach corners and tricky spaces. If you haven’t lined your cabinets and drawers with contact paper, spring cleaning is a great time to do it!

Windows and Glass

If you have windows or glass use a quality glass cleaner in a spray bottle, like our favorite homemade solution (1c water, 1c rubbing alcohol, 1T vinegar) and Viva Multi-Surface Cloths to wipe down all glass in the kitchen. This also works great on glass stove tops, oven doors and any lighting that has glass on it.


Wipe down all metal

Another thing I like to do is wipe down all metal finishes in my kitchen. I try to wipe down the faucet, pot filler, metal shelf brackets and all of my cabinet and drawer pulls. I love using the Viva Multi-Surface Cloth because they are super tough and trap mess 2x better when they’re wet. I spray the paper towel with an all-purpose cleaner (I love homemade solutions or Mrs. Meyers Peony scented spray) and wipe down all the grubby drawer and cabinet pulls


The last thing I do to deep clean is give my flooring a good sweep and mop. I use my hose attachment on my vacuum to clean in between cabinets and appliances and to remove dust from the baseboards. Last I wipe down baseboards and note if any spaces need paint touch ups. I like to keep our base and trim paint handy for quick touch ups and spring cleaning is a great time to do those touch-ups.


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