Prescott View Home Reno: Master Bathroom before

Prescott View Home Reno: Master Bathroom before

I’ve been seriously knee deep in insane projects. I have officially taken on the BIGGEST project of my life and its taking every second of my extra time. No complaints here! I’m so excited to do it but man alive, it’s SO much work! I wanted to blog about the process in real-time because I realized when I wait too long, I tend to overlook some of the details which  is not helpful to anyone! ha!

A little background… our master bathroom is connected to our bedroom and it is super small. One sink, toilet and a small-ish shower. No storage. ONE sink (not cool!) and NO BATHTUB!!! The first thing I wanted to change about our home was to add a bathtub. Turns out, we needed to fully remodel to accommodate that teeny tiny request of mine. *wink*

If you look from our master bedroom, there was an octagon arch walkway (not a door) to the bathroom and very small walk in closet. Actually, it wasn’t tiny but it was totally not functional for the amount of square footage it was taking up. I tried to utilize the space by creating a little dressing area with a large mirror but still, wasn’t worth the space it was taking up.

If you walk through the archway, turn left and you see the bathroom and turn right and you walk into the closet. The “landing” area was quite a bit of wasted square footage as well.

Here’s how the bathroom was before I took a sledgehammer to it. haha! Things I liked: 60″ wide vanity with counter space, wall color, gorgeous casing on the window. That’s pretty much it.

The tile doesn’t go with the rest of my house or my taste. You can get an idea of the size of the space from this shot of the tile.

The cabinetry was dated and the light fixture was nothing to write home about. It’s functional but left a lot to be desired.

Across from the toilet, is the shower. Again, it’s fine. Not great.

The closet only had one bar for clothes to be hung and a set of shelves. It was nice but we didn’t need it, considering we have another closet in the bedroom.

The plan for the bathroom remodel is to completely gut both the existing bathroom and walk in closet to create one HUGE master suite bathroom. I have planned the floor plan, picked finishes and I’m currently living in an inch of dust around my entire house from this project but it is going to be the most rewarding project I’ve ever done. Stop by tomorrow to see the tile designs I picked and a mood board for the entire renovation! For now, I’m off to mud and tape the new drywall!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the tile choices! You can read about our tour of Floor & Decor here 🙂

Be sure to check out the progress of #mallorysprescottviewhome renovation below!


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    Charlotte Lindsay
    April 3, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    This project will be well worth the dust covered house! So looking forward to seeing the design and the home decor you choose!

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    April 4, 2017 at 12:08 am

    The light are looking great. the way of using different types of tiles in particular area is very innovative.

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