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Spring Bonus Room Refresh with Keurig ®

This post was created in partnership with Keurig Green Mountain®. All opinions, images, and ideas are my own.

Since we chatted last, I have got the Spring Refresh/Spring Cleaning bug and decided to do a few room swaps in our home. We switched my four kiddos into one bedroom and added a playroom. Since we added the playroom, we were able to work the media room into that playroom which freed up this space next to our dining room for an in-home office. It is easily my favorite space to spend time and work in the morning. I love to get my kiddos off to school and enjoy my time sorting through emails and working on our blog in this sunny space.

One of my favorite things about this space is my little beverage station. During the Spring, my allergies are literally out of control and I’m constantly dealing with sniffles and an itchy throat. I have been enjoying some herbal teas to help soothe my constant sore throat and my new Keurig® K250 Brewing System has made it so easy and convenient to make the perfect cup every time.

Twinings Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea is my fave right now! No other brand offers more K-Cup® herbal tea varieties. Keurig® makes every beverage you love! In the winter, I drank more hot chocolate made with my Keurig ® than I care to admit! haha! I can’t wait to try more!

Also, how cute are my little tea cups? This Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea was so yummy and really delivered an uplifting aroma and fresh, mint taste. It truly amazing how quickly the Keurig® brewer makes a hot cup of tea in just under a minute!

I’m obsessed with my new mirrored desk and my new fluffy rug! The other things in the room, I just pulled from around the house and they make so much more sense in this space. If you can remember, here’s what the space looked like before.

after our little Spring Refresh switcheroo, it looks like this…

I absolutely love this space! It’s the absolute best place for me to work and still be near my family!

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