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100+ Summer Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you but I am only a week into summer and I have already heard “I am Bored” at least 50 times. I am already so tired of it! This being the case I have collected these awesome ideas to help with the keeping your kids busy this summer. I love all of these ideas because all different and pretty easy to do with kids. And I mean with 101 different ideas you are bound to find some that your kids will enjoy.

101 Summer Activities for kids

Homeade GAK

1.  Homemade Gak! I love this stuff!

2. Bake Cookies

3.  Do puzzles

4. Play board games


5.Gooey Monster Cookies


6. Fruity Pebbles Popsicles

7. Color

8. Make and send homemade cards to family

9.  Do watercolor paintings

Painter's Tape Spider Web10. Painter’s tape spider web 

11. Write a pen-pal letter

12. Use tape and make a hopscotch court


13. Makes Deviled Egg Boats

14. Have a play date

15. Have a “camp out” in the living room

Mess Free Finger Paint16. Mess free finger painting –  My kids loved this one!

17. Go to a children’s museum

18.  Play legos

Build a teepee

19.  Build a teepee or a fort

20. Make and play in a ball pit!

Balloon Ping Pong

21. Balloon Ping Pong

 Velcro Sticks

22. Velcro sticks – have fun making them and making shapes and letters out of them.

DIY $1 Book Ledges23. Read to your kids. Read with them. Teach them. Love them.

24. Make Ollieblocks and play! These have been on my “to do” list for a long time.

Tape Race Track25. Masking tape race track – source unknown.

If anyone knows where to find the original source, please let me know in the comments! Love this idea and my kids had a blast!

Jello cookies

 26. Jello cookies – this recipe makes DIY colored play dough AND colorful Jello Cookies


27. Water Bucket Sponge Fight

28. Go Swimming

29. Fly kites

30. Go to the park


31. Homemade Bubble Maker

32.  Draw with sidewalk chalk

33.  Do puzzles

34. Have a water balloon fight


35. 60 Days of Summer Tutorial with Printables

36. Jump on the trampoline with the hose

Newspaper Snowball Fight - Gross motor game for kids (1)

37. Newspaper Snowball Fight

39. Play in the sprinklers

Rainbow Slime (1)

40. DIY Rainbow Slime

41. Go to the beach

41. Make cookies 

42. Go to the movies.


43. Edible Water Beads

44. Play with blocks

45. Paint pictures

ice volcano 1

45. Ice Volcanoes

46. Write a cousin pen-pal letter.

47. Make homemade popsicles

PicMonkey Collage ice48. Pretend Melting Ice Cream

49. Play hopscotch

50. Visit grandparents

Frozen Water Beads (1)b

51. Water Beads in a Water Balloon

52. Go on a scavenger hunt

Color Mixing with Ice (1)

53. Color Mixing with Ice

54. Paint rocks

55. Go to the zoo with your Zoo passport

56. Play in a sandbox

57. Pick flowers

58. Have a tea party (with fruit punch!)

59. Go on a road trip

60. Go hiking


61. Marshmallow Shooters

62. Ride bikes


63. Water Balloon Games

64. Jump rope


65. Drive In Movie Night

66. Go bowling

Play Dates {Pool Noodles} (11)

67. Pool Noodle Games

68. Go to an aquarium

69. Play on a seesaw

70. Build a fort


71. Ice Activity For Kids

72. Camp out in the family room

73. Visit a kid’s museum

How to make a recycled upcycled ladybug bug jar craft

74. Collect Bugs with this Bug Jar

75. Go to an ice cream/frozen yogurt shop

76. Play board games


77. Bouncing Bubbles

78. Have a movie marathon

79. Take a nap


80. Soap Boat Races

81. Make s’mores


82. Summer Activities Coupon Book

83. Tie dye t-shirts

Kool Aid Sand Paint (1)

84. Homemade Sand Paint

85. Color a picture

86. Make Jello play dough and cookies

87. Go on a family walk

88. Go fishing


89. Kiddie Car Wash


90.Painting with Water


91. ” I SPY” Neigborhood Walk

92. Catch bugs

busy bags

93. Busy Bags


94. Old Fashion Backyard Games

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe (1)

95. Sidewalk Chalk Paint

96. Have a picnic

DIY Kite made from household materials (17)

97. Make a Kite

magnetic ice fishing

98. Summer Ice Fishing

99. Go to an arcade


100. Make a backyard water park


101. DIY Water Slide

Hopefully with this awesome list you will never hear “I’m bored!” again!

I hope you have the best summer EVER!

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101 Summer Activities for kids

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  1. Hey there! I totally loved this list and it has made me so excited for the upcoming summer holidays! So I want to thank you for compiling this amazing list!

    One thing though, the link to ‘Balloon Ping Pong’ is actually directed to the teepee DIY. I’m not sure if I’m the only one with that problem though! Please do fix it up as soon you’re able to!

    Much love x

  2. Another fun and educational idea is to grow a pet TickleMe Plant from seeds and watch how the leaves fold and the branches fall down when you Tickle it!

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