Master Bedroom Refresh with Crane and Canopy

This jewel toned Master Bedroom Refresh has bold, unique style and is the perfect place to cuddle up and relax!

Master Bedroom Refresh 4

I’m pretty pumped to share this little bedroom refresh today. I’ve been obsessing over jewel tones, like in my living room and even borrowed a few accessories from there but I’m basically loving it!

Crane and Canopy and Lavender

I got this amazing bedding from Crane and Canopy, The Linden Black Border. I’m in love with it. Its 400 thread count which means crazy soft and luxurious. It even came in this darling packaging with a sweet note and this little bag of lavender! Isn’t that the cutest? There’s nothing better than opening up a beautiful package that smells amazing! It’s like a pretty present, just for me!

Here’s the deal, luxurious bedding can come at a high price. There are a few things you should look for when you are picking out sheets and bedding. For the most luxurious feel shoot for 300-400 thread count and single-pick single-ply sateen weave. 100% cotton is the best. Be careful when purchasing above 430 or brands that claim they have premium fabrics but leave off thread count numbers online or in-store. To achieve thread counts higher than 430, bedding manufacturers often times use creative weaving and counting methods that do not necessarily result in a higher quality fabric. Thread count can be tricky and even misleading so make sure you know the facts and get the best. One thing I LOVE about Crane and Canopy is that you get the most luxurious bedding but you get a fantastic price!

I love the crisp white with the contrasting trim. Black and white is just so classic and beautiful I can’t even handle it.

Master Bedroom Refresh 4

Euro pillows are pretty much my favorite type of pillows and these shams from Crane and Canopy are perfection. I love how big they are. Two fit perfectly on my queen size bed! My Master Bedroom is coming along!

Master Bedroom Refresh 3

Can we talk about the disco ball? I freakin love disco balls. Why? Well, I dunno exactly but they’re sparkly (obviously!) and it just makes you want to have a party, right? I tried to sneak it into some other photo shoots but it didn’t happen. I’m so glad Miss Sparkly (yeah, I just named it and it’s a she.) made her debut in my little room refresh because she’s perfect. I got it from Amazon and I’m obsessed. You can get one here. (affiliate)

Master Bedroom Refresh_Cropped

The brass side table, faux orchids, rug and the fuschia throw are all from HomeGoods.

Master Bedroom Refresh 2_smallIf you’re in love with this bedding as much as I am, follow Crane and Canopy on Facebook and Instagram! I really love this brand. Crane & Canopy delivers high-quality designer bedding, duvet covers and sheets without the department store markup.  They design original products and connect customers with world’s most premium factories, saving customers up to 70% off bedding. Isn’t that amazing? You know we love a great deal! All of Crane & Canopy’s bedding use soft and breathable, extra-long staple cotton, hand-picked by the team for comfort and quality.

A portion of all proceeds go towards Crane & Canopy’s cause initiative, “A Safe Night’s Sleep,” which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence. I just love their page! Stay tuned for Savannah’s Master Bedroom refresh with her gorgeous Crane and Canopy bedding coming this month!

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  1. The room is both beautiful and inspirational! What about the back drop behind the bed? Is it wallpaper?

  2. Where on earth did you get that fuschia throw blanket!!! I’ve been searching everywhere for one just like it

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