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DIY Spray Painted Barstools


When I moved into my new house one of the things I fell in love with was this covered back patio. I loved that I had a little countertop just off of my kitchen window. I could just imagine feeding my kids out the kitchen window as they played outside. I wanted to do some fun DIY barstools and when I fell in love with this fabric I knew that the perfect accent color for the barstools would be ColorMaster® Paint + Primer in Sun Yellow by Krylon.

I got these tired looking barstools from my neighbors next-door that were getting rid of them. I knew it would be a quick and easy fix to give them some new life. Some of the wood was rotting out from them and also the fabric just wasn’t my style.

First I collected all of my products that I would need to complete the project I ordered this fabric online. It has really great green colors with a little bit of yellow through some of the leaves. I also got a few cans of Krylon’s ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Gloss Sun Yellow and I sprayed the base of the barstools.

The thing I did was I unscrew the top of the barstools off of the base. Then I took the base of the barstools and scraped off any of the extra flakes of paint that were coming off to ensure a clean and smooth surface before painting. Then I sprayed the barstools in Krylon ColorMaster in Sun Yellow.

I painted the base of the stools with about 2 to 3 lights coats of the Krylon ColorMaster Sun Yellow. The color is so bright and fun and it really changes the look of these barstools. The glossy finish also adds some dimension that the metal was lacking.

While the bases of the barstools were drying I recovered the seats with the new fabric. I cut out the fabric that I needed in order to cover the whole cushion.

I started out stapling the opposite sides of the cushion. That way it was pulled nice and tight. After I started with stapling the top and then the bottom, I went side to side and then made my way around the circle.

After I was done securing the fabric to the cushion I cut off the excess material. It is way easier to recover cushions than you might think.

After the cushions were recovered, I screwed the cushions back onto the base of the barstools. It only took me a few hours from start to finish to complete all four barstools.

My little countertop area under my covered patio used to be a sad looking area, now with these new fun, bright and colorful barstools it is become one of our favorite places to hang out.

Spray paint is such a magical thing, You can take something that was once dingy and dull and turn it into something fun, bright and colorful in just a matter hours.

We love this space and we are excited that it is all done and ready for summer.

To add even more color I used the Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Gloss Watermelon to paint some plain pots that I had. The pink really adds a fun pop of color to the whole space.

You can find these Krylon products and more at your local Ace Hardware.

This post is sponsored by Krylon. All ideas and opinions are our own, always!

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