8 Tips for a Beautiful Christmas Tree

8 Tips for a Beautiful Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year once again! I just LOVE the Christmas season! It’s so fun to see all the festive decorations inside and outside of homes and businesses.  I would say that decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do. 8 tips for a Beautiful Christmas Tree - Click for tutorial

Over the years and after decorating many, many Christmas trees for myself and others, I have gathered ideas on how I like to make Christmas trees more unique and personal. Today I am excited to share with you some of my FAVORITE tips and tricks on how to make a Beautiful Christmas Tree!

#1 – Use greenery as a filler.  Adding something unique to your tree in the form of greenery or filler can add a lot of depth to a Christmas tree! A frosted branch or frosted pinecones, a sprig of berries, or a boxwood spike can add an element of interest!

#2 – Choose a Unique Topper. A tree topper doesn’t always have to be what is offered down the Christmas aisle. You can top the tree with anything . . . think outside the box! For my tree this year, I picked up a battery-operated Wood Marquee Star. It took a while to finagle the back of the star to keep it on the tree, but the pay off was worth it.  In the past I have used: picture frames filled with past Christmas memories, beaded diamond branches, and more …truly the possibilities are endless!

#3 – Group Ornaments. Instead of just hanging all your ornaments one-by-one. Take a group and wire some together to create a different look on your tree. It will add depth to the tree and how fun it is to see your favorite bulbs side-by-side. I like to group 3 even 5 ornaments together.  Be sure to use high quality wire!

#4 – Color Coordinate your wrapping paper to your tree. Decorating really is all in the details!  Use matching wrapping paper to the color of your tree; this creates the perfect landscape for your home. It adds that little touch of magic to the Christmas season! I also LOVE to use real ribbon on presents and recycle them year after year.

#5 – Use REAL ribbon on your Christmas tree. Using ribbon can add interest and movement to your tree. You can choose from all sorts of colors and patterns.  It’s so fun to see ribbon peeking through the branches! It is also a great and affordable way to change the color scheme of your tree each year!

#6 – Use Pillows at the bottom of your tree. Adding basic Home Decor elements, such as pillows, among all the wrapped presents adds that detail most people won’t expect.

#7 – Use a throw at the bottom of the tree instead of a tree skirt. You can create movement with a blanket and your choices are unlimited! I also LOVE buckets and tins as a substitute to a tree skirt!

#8 – Instead of an ornament hook, use ribbon to hang your bulbs. A great way to add color and something unexpected on your tree.

8 Tips for a Beautiful Christmas Tree

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!
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  1. THANK YOU! My mom & I were just discussing what wee should do with our Christmas tree. We didn’t want to keep doing the same traditional thing. These are perfect ideas! Can’t wait to try them out – especially the ribbon as hangers for ornaments – so simple but yet unique!

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