Classic Black Console Makeover

As promised! Here it is, My Pottery Barn inspired buffet cabinet!
This is the 2nd roadkill rescue I’ve had lately! My handsome Mr. just found me another one the other day too…(which I’ll show you later!) I have been saving furniture all over the place!
This little HUGE guy was on its way to the dump after my neighbor’s yard sale showed no signs of a new home for him. I stopped my truck as she was putting everything away and hopped out.
The sweet lady saw me kneel down to open the cabinet door and said
“If you want that thing, you can HAVE it!” dripping with sarcasm…
I felt bad (only for a minute) to just TAKE this from her so I asked…
“oh, no I can’t do that. How much do you want for it??”
She responded exactly how I hoped with..
“Oh dear, it’s been in my garage for years. I’ll have my son load it in your truck. Oh and here are some (like 10!) toy trucks for your boys!”
What the what??!?! OKAY!!!! DEAL! Scoooore!!!!
She must have seen the Hallelujah choir singing behind me as I lit up with excitement!  She smiled sweetly and went inside to get her son. I was ecstatic to say the least.
I sanded it down and removed the hardware.  My lil sis, Jodi helped me hand paint it. I used one of these handy little do-ma-floch-ees (actual technical term) for most of it. It worked like a dream on the flat surfaces. Have you tried these on furniture? You must!
I used Ace Hardware’s Royal paint in “Cannon ball” to paint 2 coats. Then once it dried completely, I used a 120 grit sheet of sandpaper to distress the areas I wanted the wood color to show through.
I added some pulls I had removed from my son’s nursery dresser! I really like how it looks on this piece.
 I love this little spring vignette going on.
    My Mother-in-Law bought it from me before I even finished! I think it looks fab in her living room! Like it?
I think the finish looks pretty dang close to my inspiration from PB.
What do you think? Pretty close eh?
Pottery Barn Black Furniture Finish Tutorial - www.classyclutter.net

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  1. This turned out beautifully! I am jealous because I’ve been looking for something like this for-ev-er!

  2. Wow it looks really, really NICE! It’s such a stately piece. Stop by for a blog visit 🙂

  3. It looks beautiful! Who would have guessed that it was free {I can imagine what that PB price tag would be!} If you get a chance, I would love for you to share this at my link party, The Creative Spark, on Tuesday night. Hope you have a great long weekend!
    Jenn 🙂

  4. Absolutely perfect. I never get deals like that. I can’t even get the different people to write back if there item is still avail or if I can look at it on Craig’s lists. It’s so annoying.

  5. Looks great and I’m going to be painting some pieces just like this. May I ask if you used flat, satin or semi-glass (it looks like flat or satin) and did you use a wax or any kind of polyurethane coating over it? Does it hold up to wear and tear? Thanks!!

    1. I have the same question as Patty M. I have painted my hutch black (Valspar-Lowes satin finish) but don’t have a top coat on it as it looks too shiny- So please do share once painted did you use a soft wax ( Lowes paint department had never heard of this stuff??) and if poly what kind ( is it sprayed on too is my other question….The piece is so pretty.

      I would like to email you a picture of the hutch to get your opinion on it…..as …. ( when I wipe my hand across it-it leaves a white chalky like mark)??? So I know it needs some kind of final coating…

      Thank you very much as I love your work!!!! 😛
      Missy Langley

  6. I laso want to ask if you used flat, satin or semi-glass and did you use a wax or any kind of polyurethane coating over it?

  7. Same questions here – what was your prep work before painting? Did you degloss or sand? Also did you use a wax or a poly after, and if so what type of finish was it – satin or semi gloss? It’s just lovely and I am mid stream of doing exactly the same thing in an expresso color so would love more info. Thanks!!

  8. So I’m a few years late, but I just found you in a Google search and am loving your blog here!

    But despite being 4 years late, I just HAD to comment and say that your piece is so much better than the pottery barn one! Kudos!!

  9. Hi Mallory,
    I have never painted ANY piece of furniture and I have a triple dresser (Thomasville)with the same type of finish as your street “find”…Oak. I couldn’t find anywhere on the blog as to the steps to take when painting. I did find where someone used 150 grit sandpaper and spray painted a cream color buffet….however your DIY used a flat type pad. Can you direct me to where it may be listed on your blog, what type of paint? Did you prime first? Did you use a finishing wax?

    I LOVE your site and would like to learn more as I don’t want to ruin a quality piece of furniture.

    Thanks SOOO Much!

  10. I have the same questions as the others….what sheen was the paint? Eggshell, flat, semi? And was a wax coating used? Looks great and would love to do this project, just can’t tell what finish. Help!

  11. Love it….and I am NOT a fan of painted furniture. Can you please outline the specific steps you took @ exactly what products you used? I want to do this same thing to wood file cabinets I scored for free.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Re: Potery Barn look alike black dresser. I am a bit late to this blog. I am inspired by the redo of the oak dresser. I don’t see the list of products used at the end of the blog. I have the same questions as others. Did you sand and prime the dresser befor paining? And what finish is the paint?
    Thank you for the inspiration.

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