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Under the Sink Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Under the kitchen sink can be a disastrous area! Mine can get out of hand, very quickly and as soon as I close the cabinet door it’s forgotten! Out of sight, out of mind, right? Today I’m going to share my tips and under the sink kitchen cabinet organization Ideas!Kitchen Sink Organization

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How to organize under the kitchen sink

  1. Empty cabinet -Empty everything out of the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink
  2. Disinfect – Wipe down the entire cabinet with a disinfectant. The bottom sides, even pipes and cords. I feel like moist (hate that word!) areas are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria so disinfect everything first.
  3. Sort like items
    1. Sponges
    2. Cleaners
    3. Paper towels
    4. Garbage bags (I store mine here because the cabinet next to it houses our garbage cans)
    5. Dish soap
    6. Hand Soap
    7. Rubber Gloves
    8. etc.
  4. Gather Bins
  5. Sort into Bins.
  6. Label bins (optional)
    1. I use my label maker to add labels to the bins. This helps to know what’s missing when I run out of an item. It also helps if my kids or husband need to put things away.
  7. Add child locks if you have young children – I like these baby-proof latches so my littles can’t get into the cabinet. We’ve taught them that the cleaning products can be dangerous but, just in case.

Under the Sink Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas
Use bins to sort items

As you can probably tell, I hate running out of the things I use most. When I run out, I tend to buy several of that item so I can stock up. This has helped tremendously especially because my dishwasher wont even run without a rinse aid so if I’m out, I’m stuck washing dishes by hand. I did that for 10 years of my marriage (before we had a dishwasher in our home! #rentalproblems) so I feel like I did my time. 😉

Kitchen Sink Organization

kitchen sink organization

These under the sink kitchen cabinet organization ideas have helped my kitchen stay tidy when doing my most dreaded task the dishes! I’ve included my favorite organizing products for this project and my favorite cleaning products if you’re in need! Aren’t we all? I typically try to use natural products like Mrs. Meyers whenever possible but I love Clorox for disinfecting or when anyone has been sick.

Favorite Organizing Products

Favorite Cleaning Products

How to organize under the kitchen sink video

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  1. your posts are amazing and very helpful!! I love the rug in front of the sink – where did you buy it?
    Thank you !!!

  2. Great organizing ideas. Thought I would share one of my ideas that I have used for years. I always cut a piece of vinyl flooring for under my kitchen and bathroom sicks. Helps in case of any leaks and easy to clean. I like it much better than contact paper. In fact, I have started using vinyl in all my kitchen cabinets and pantry as well.

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