Practical and Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Many people would love a large and spacious bathroom. The ideal bathroom has a large Jacuzzi tube,
his and her sinks, and plenty of storage room. Most people are lucky if they have enough room to
shower and dress. Just because a bathroom is small does not mean it cannot be stylish. Here are several
tips to keep a small bathroom looking nice and ensuring plenty of storage space

Space Savers

When there is not a lot of room to work with in the bathroom, every inch counts. A space saving
storage rack that go over the toilet is a great idea. These space savers usually have two to three shelves.
This is a great place to put towels and other necessities that are going to be used in the bathroom. They
do not take away from any of the floor space, so this is great for a smaller bathroom.

Bath Caddies

These ingenious devices are great for storage. Caddies goes across the bath tub or shower so they do
not take up additional room. The caddies can hold such items as shampoo and conditioners as well as
soap. This is a great way to save some space and make the bathroom look less cluttered.

Decorative Yet Space Saving

Just because the bathroom is small in size does not mean it has to be plain and boring. To add a special
touch to the room, a person can put potted plants on the window sill or even near the sink. These plants
do not take up much room. Decorative soap also do not take up much room but will make the area look
nice. A person can also paint the room an interesting color to make people take notice. Some colors
actually make the room look bigger. These are little things a person can do to make the room have a
unique feel.

Think Tall and Thin
When looking to add furniture and storage to the room, think tall and thin. Tall cabinets can hold items
such as toilet paper and tissues. The taller the cabinet the more items it can hold. If the storage unit is
also thin it will not take up much space. There are many furniture pieces that look great yet are compact enough to fit into a small room.

Wall Netting
For people that have children, their bath toys are everywhere. There is no need to take up space with
these toys and make things looks cluttered. Wall netting can be attached to the back of the bathroom
door and the children can keep all their toys and bath supplies there. The children still have their toys,
and the bathroom has more space and looks organized.
Even though a person may not have their ideal bathroom, this is not a reason that it cannot look nice.
There are many different decorative options and accents that can be added to a small bathroom. There
is no need to desire more when the bathroom that a person has looks great and is stylish.

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Thanks Kyla for your great tips on storage space as this is always a battle in our home! What do you guys think? Is storage a battle in your home?

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