Cleaning and Organizing tricks and tips and WINNER!

Today for Totally Inspired Tuesday I wanted to share a few cleaning and organizing tricks that I have come across.

I will be honest I need to be better about keeping stuff organized!
Mallory on the other hand does not 
have that problem…she helped me ALOT!
But since New York is on the other side of the country… 
I will be facing it on my own now šŸ™

There is NEVER a better time to get organized then now!

Right before Christmas is a great time to get rid of ALL the toys you kids no longer need or use and all the clothes that no longer fit!

I promise you will be soooo happy to have a place for all your new goodies from Santa! 
iheartorganizing blog has SO many great tips…
one of the best blogs I have come across.
organizingmadefun blog is a great blog that has tips how 
to stay up on the daily cleaning… 
everyone has an extra 15-20 mins!

I LOVE these organizing bins…this would be perfect inside a garage or storage unit, or shed in the backyard.
I would LOVE to have a place for all my holiday stuff to be stored besides the attic.

Lastly, here are a few cleaning tips that I needed and love!

WD-40 for crayon clean-up
Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner
I have saved MANY more cleaning/organizing tips and tricks!
check out my Pinterest!
Are you ready to get organized before the busy Holiday Season?!

…….and the winner of our Candy Cane door hanging is comment 
#8 Silveroutlinedwindow! 
Congrats Shannon!! 
Please contact us by Friday, Nov 18th at noon to claim your prize!

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