Black and Zebra Dresser Makeover

I found this dresser at a thrift store for $20.  It wasn’t marked so I asked the lady up front and she said “umm.. how about $20!?” I’m thinking..”$20 = sold!” and I found the mirror on the side of the road on a rainy yucky day. I knew exactly what I was going to do with her when I found her!
Just a little FYI, browse the “Free Stuff” section of craigslist when you’re bored. I find something cool a few times a week and try to snatch it up! It’s not always easy because some people beat you to it but if you’re fast, you can get cool stuff for FREEEEE!!! Practically my favorite word ever.
Don’t they look like they belonged together in another life? Long lost relatives reunited!
The mirror needed a little jazzing up so I added some wood appliques that I got from Hobby Lobby for $1.99!
Then, I called Savannah up the other day and said “here’s the deal, I am at a road block in my head for this dresser and all I need is for you to tell me what color to paint it right now and I’m sticking to it no matter what!”
Sav said “Classic black, Mal. You won’t get sick of it!”
Done. Deal.
After some primer and a minor color picking fiasco here she is in classic black!
Zebra knobs are from Hobby Lobby for 50% off last week! I’m kind of in love with them.
I wanted to add a little more contrast to the details, like we did on this and this.  You can’t really “glaze” black so I had to come up with an alternative to make the curvy details stand out a little more!
I used Martha’s Metallic Paint (available at Home Depot) and a big squirt of black paint to make a “black metallic glaze” if you will.  Then, I painted it on the details!

I’ve got a couple mini projects left in this room and it’s “DONE!!!!!!!” I am kind of excited to have a room that is “done” but I always like to change out little things here and there. I’m kind of in love with my room especially after the few little additions I still have to show you!  There is seriously nothing better than seeing all of your hard work pay off on something you LOVE! This dresser was surely one of my favorites!

Do you like the “Classic black” paired with the sassy zebra!?
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    Hi, I’m a new Follower of your blog and I just gave you a Versatile Blogger Award over at Craft Wannabe. Please stop by & see who else got the award & maybe become my newest follower. Thanks!

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    I how I love this redoux! I love that Martha Stewart Glaze too! What a fantastic makeover. I would love if you could link up this project to my link party,open every friday-sunday. Open until midnight tonight.

    Thank u for sharing , visiting from MMS

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