Anthropologie Inspired Ordinal Dresser

I’ve spotted a few different renditions of Anthro’s Ordinal Dresser and every time I see it, I just love it so much! I am working on my boys’ room and I thought this would fit well with the Big Boy Airplane-esque room.
This is the dresser they had; we got it off of Craigslist when we first moved in.
  1. First, I sanded the whole piece down to the bare wood using my orbital sander.
  2. I hand painted it with “Oops” paint that I picked up for $6. Love it!
  3. Then, I distressed the heck out of the drawers and sides with my sander.
  4. I made a stencil and hand-painted the numbers. Before the paint was dry, I took a damp rag and wipes some of the black paint off to give it more of a weathered look.
  5. Finally, I added rope for the handles. The rope was a dollar store find.  I used a lighter to age the rope as well.
….and here she is!
I made the road map wreath for their room using this tutorial using a foam wreath form and two road map books, also from the dollar store! The wreath cost me $3 to make!
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