Totally Inspired Tuesday by Savannah!

I Love this space! I found this image from House of Turquoise a little while back and I LOVE it! 
I love the walls and I love the color of these piece of Furniture. 
It is perfect for this space, its airy and light! I wish I knew what color it is!
I would Love to have one of these in my house!
Are we kidding about these floors, and this chandy! I LOVE it. I wish I was brave enough to paint my floors, it would look really bad though, painted tile is not so cute! As soon as I saw this chandelier I thought I wonder how hard it would be to make something like this. Heaven knows I love the color!
I hope these images have inspired you like they have for me!

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  1. I totally wish I had a mudd room & then I would totally have a piece like this. Is that what they call them? Mudd Rooms.
    Do you have to live anywhere but AZ to have one? 🙂

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