Reader Design help: The Fireplace dilemma

Our friend Tia needs our help! She contacted us on our facebook page asking for some ideas for her fireplace! She writes: “I have a decor q….I hate my brick fireplace in my family room, it also has mirrors on either side with glass shelves. What would you do if you were me!”
Well Tia, how lucky you are to have a fireplace to work with! Fireplaces can be incredible when done
right. Yours has amazing potential! First, you’ll have to decide what exactly it is about it that you hate? The color? The mirrors? The shelves? All of it?
If you’re wanting a total change, I’d opt for paint! It’s the most inexpensive, easiest way to change and update a room. If it were my room, I’d paint the fireplace white or a light, creamy color. Like this one..
I love the texture of the brick + painted a creamy color. Instant update. Here’s a tutorial on how to paint a brick fireplace.
Next, I’d paint the fireplace itself. I’ve seen fabulous tutorials on how to paint a fireplace using high heat spray paint! Here’s a tutorial on how to paint the gold/brassy fireplace for around $5!
Next up, add a mantel! Especially with your television mounted there (which I love!) Adding a mantel will make the space look more finished and add some visual interest. Click here to see tons of DIY mantel ideas on pinterest.
After all that, you may love it! If you’re looking for more, my advice would be to ditch the glass shelves for some painted wood shelves. I think the glass shelves are dating the space a bit. You could remove, cover or keep the mirrors depending on your taste. Personally, I’d remove them and paint them to match the room and new shelves. That way you get the look of a fireplace focal point with built in bookshelves. Total eye candy! However, mirrors tend to make a room look much bigger than it is so you could always leave them if you like it the way it is.
via BHG
Adding a decorative fireplace screen would add some fun in front of the fireplace. I really like this one from Better Homes and Gardens.
I think you have major potential in this space and you could really do it on a budget! Thanks for submitting your decor Q to us! What do you readers think? Any suggestions for Tia?
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